Man...looks like someone is getting ready for the Cat-o-lypmics!

I'm not sure what event this is, but everyone entering better start training cause this kitty is in pretty good shape!

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The first kitty I had as a child did this. he always acted obviously very nonchalant afterwards as if to say "I so meant to do that"

Wow! We give that kitteh a ten!

We do not think we will enter that one, either!

Well, there goes the grading curve!

Yea, I think this kitty is already the winner.

We can't compete with that!

Oh Max!! I am so sorry for missing your BIRFDAY!! Happy Onety-One, my Furiend! I am 8 now, so Onety-One sounds younger and younger to me all the time!

We loved your pictures from your day in San Francisco! We's glad you had a good time (well, a better time than my Human had in Fairfield last weekend anyway!!) You got some good pictures there.

I would like to watch this little clip about a 100 more times so I could learn to do this. I think it would freak the Human out a little.

Holy Moly!!!!!

He stickd teh landing!

Woww, inredible cat.