DOODS! I have had the most AWESOME birthday! The People went to San Francisco because the Woman's sisters were there, and GUESS WHO GOT TO GO!!!

It was so sweet, it kinda needs to be like a photo essay...

First, We went to Pier 39, where I sat in front of some flowers. They smelled pretty good, but I was hoping for fish. I mean, that's what you expect on a Pier, right?

There were lots of places to buy stuff. The one store I wanted to go into, they wouldn't let me, on account of it was a knife shop and I wanted to buy a switchblade. Apparently, I am not allowed to have one.

But...I got to sit on Forrest Gump's bench. The dood must have left in a hurry, because he left his box of chocolates. They wouldn't let me take it, either. I suppose in case he comes back for it.

Then we walked a little bit and stopped to pee on Fisherman's Wharf. Seriously, doods, we peed there! And you have to stand in a freaking line to pee there! But it all smelled like fish, so I didn't mind.

This is the Woman and me chillin' by a fountain at Ghiradelli Square. I think we look kinda badass. Right after that, everyone got a piece of chocolate. Except me. Because, you know, I didn't want to croak on my birthday.

Then we got to ride a cable car! The line was really long and it took us like 40 minutes to actually get on one, but it was pretty spiffy to ride. We took it from near Ghiradelli Square to Union Square. We got off there because the people were all hungry and wanted to see what they could see from the terrace at the Cheesecake Factory. And that sucker is 8 stories up on top of Macy's!

This is me with the ants, Kathy and Mary. I think they liked petting me. And the food there? Pretty decent. Even the birds think so.

See this guy? He sat there and talked those people into feeding him. There's actually a plexiglass barrier between them, but there's also a inch wide space where they put pieces of food for him.I think he was jealous that I actually got to sit at a table.

Then we went back down to Union Square, where I sat on top of one of the giant hearts. 

See? Pretty freaking high up! I could see a lot from up there.

After that we walked down to a mall and the people all peed again...and by then it was time for us to go, so we said goodbye to the ants and got on the BART train to go home, where I got to scarf down a bunch of fish and shrimp. It was an AWESOME day.

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Oh that is so pawsome Max! And that would be a cool find Chey. I wonder if it will be there when the Woman comes?!

WOW, Max - That is sooooo cool! We never get to do anything that swell for our birthdays.
Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

Pawsome Day! But, we don't think it's fair that you didn't get a switchblade. MOL!

How exciting for you, Max! I never get to go anywhere, except the stupid vet.

What a great trip!! I bet your peeps loved Ghiradelli ;)

SO cool that you got to go. I would love to be able to do that with The Crew, but which one do I choose?? and if I don't choose how bizarre will I look taking SEVEN cats out and about..

That was quite a birfday celebration, Max!

You had a really amazing birthday. So much to see and do and eat!

Looks like your peeps did you proud on your birthday, Max! We're glad you met your Woman's ants and found some shrimps on the Pier. Um-m-m, shrimp - we're purring (ok, drooling, too) just thinking about it! :3

Wow Max! Your people must have had heavy duty guilty consciences about something to take you on such a great birthday trip.

Max, that's pretty awesome that you got to go to San Francisco! Our mom says that is one cool place!

Late 'Happy Birthday' you great big psycho! you da man, Max!

What a great trip and great birthday excursion!!!!
Good sights, good foods, our mom says expecially the chocolate & the cheesecake!
Do the people mind you including the pee report?