Make him stop!

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Aw, Max, he's only touching you a little.

Awww.....he's just being furriendly.

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

Max, I feel your pain. Sassy is all the time touching me with her stinky furs!

You need to give him a whap! He is touching you on purpose to bother you - it is SO obvious!

Now why does he hafta do that, Max??

Yeah, we tend not to get close to each other either. Whap him.

Yeah, he is touching you. What in the Hello Kitteh is that all about???

Remember what claws are for...

Max, Pal, maybe it's YOU who are touching HIM, ya know?

When our kitten Angel Mae wants Caesy cat's spot on the bed, she lies down right beside him and the edge of the bed. This makes Casey VERY uncomfortable and he soon leaves. Angel Mae then finds she has plenty of space to stretch out all over the place!

Poor Buddah does look a little cramped for space!

Angel understands completely. She starts growling when Kirby is touching her!

i know teh exact feeling.

Buddah cooties!

ha, ha, the look on your face says it all Max!


Get over yourself Max. It's only his tail.