The Younger Human has been taking care of us, and you know what that meant?


I'm not so sure the People need to come home...

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We knew he would treat you right!

Wow, Max he sure knows how to treat you right. Maybe you can work out a long term trade deal.

Laura and Taffy

Whoa! I have never had steak! Can this younger human come over to my place?

Maybe you could send him here when your people get back...

I hope there was enough to share with Buddah. Santa IS WATCHING!

Furry Chirstamas!

Wow. Although I still prefer the Woman to anyone else...

Oh Yummy! Do you think the Younger human could come and babysit us!

Unfair! We don't have a Younger Human!

I love steak, but my brother, Manny gets the barfies from beef so I only get a taste once in a while. Yum. Good deal Max.

We are wondering (because of the earlier picture...) did he make your real live dead steak himself??? He is a pretty awesome Younger Human in any case! Our mom not only worked late tonight...she had dinner on the way home and didn't bring us any. She's on notice now...we plan on doing lots of singing and pouncing on her tonight!

Dip & Dot

Yer lucky! We seldom want TBTs steak cause he like to drown it in smelly stuffs. Its seldom he remembers ta cut a bit off and give it to us au naturel... Hes better about that with chick-hens.

Glad you are being treated royally by your younger human.

smacking lips

Hahameow! We know what you mean!

Holy crap! You are so lucky. I'm drooling like a dog thinking about steak. Maybe your younger human just needs to come visit more often. Like 5-7 times a week!

I hope your beans bring you back something cool. Mine went to Disney and I didn't get squat

Yes please, I'd like some, too!

It's always a party for your tummies when TYH takes over from the OldFolks. Say, did he bring that Damn Dog Butters?

Thanks for dropping by my retirement party. You have always been an inspiration to me. You were the first I found and were so kind. Thanks! I plan on lurking around here in my retirement.