After being told over and over that this year there would be no Christmas tree in the house because my People are FREAKS and put a sofa where the tree SHOULD go and there's Dammit Equipment in the other place where a tree could go, guess what the People did?

Yep, the put up a tree.

The only way this happened, as I understand it, is because the Woman looked at the family room and where my mancat lounge is, and thought that a small tree would fit right next to it, and still give me plenty of room to get to my personal space.

So they went to Walmart and found this skinny thing. It's really narrow and is only 6 feet tall, but hey, we have a tree, so I have no complaints.

Plus, there are TONS of plastic M&M ornaments on it, which means I can play with them as much as I want.

Now, you see all the stuff UNDER the tree?

What's a Christmas tree without presents? Very spiffy looking and all, but look at this:

It's a HUGE present.

And you know what name is on it?

BUTTERS! It's for that damned dog Butters!

You know how many presents have MY name on them?


Yeah, I know I was all Oh I don't want anything because I want the money that they would have spent on me to go to shelter kitties, and that's still true, but COME ON. This is an insult!

What the heck could a DOG need that would fit in a bag that big?

Man, I hope Santa comes through for me, and makes whatever that damned dog Butters got look like carp.

Yeah, yeah, yea, tis the season and kiss my asterisk. I cant be outgifted by a DOG!!!

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Your tree looks pretty! We can sure understand your outrage about that present though. Maybe your gift is too big to fit under the tree????

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

The tree is great. But, we unnerstand your outrage. The woofie shouldn't haf a pressie when you don't! There's still time to right this injustice. Keep us posted and good luck.

Pretty tree! We still don't have one and we don't expect one this late! WE hope your present is so big that Santa will have to knock on the door to deliver it!

Maybe your present is so big, Max, that it doesn't fit under the tree. Did you check the closets and stuff?

Max, what is with your people and that DDB, anyway? I don't think even the tree makes up for THAT.

That is TOTALLY an insult. The dog here never gets any presents because my human's boyfriend says, "She doesn't even know it's Christmas." This year my human finally guilted him out enough so he did go out and get something, but I'm sure us kitties will be getting WAY better presents!

Okay, here's what you need to do. Take your claw, rip off the DDB tag, go to the computer and print off a new name tag. Voila, instant present!

We don't have a tree this year either, and to add further insult, we just saw Mom take out a suitcase...She better have some good presents for us when she gets back!

Dip & Dot

What! A Dog gets a present and the cat does not? Me thinks your present is much better and the peoples has not put it out cuz they knows you would shred the paper and see it before Christmas! (least that's what my peoples tells me)

Hey Max. our mom just bought 3 of your books, so the way we see it made some green papers!! So go get yourself something, and don't share it either.
Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

I bet YOUR present smells really really good. So good you'll want to rub your face all over it and roll around and act weird and stuff. Smell around the house. I bet you find it!!

Maybe you should make sure they know this bothers you by opening Butters' present? I mean that would show them.

I love your tree. It is totally unfair that Butters gets a huge present and you don't get anything. You better convince your humans that you have something good coming to you.


Maybe yours is hiding?? Better do some exploring!!

Thats what our people did last year. Empty nest & all that they didn't want to do the big artificial one they've had for 20 years (but is still in beautiful shape because dad is an engineer and anal about packing stuff away carefully).
We got a slim 6 foot one just like yours, not prelit because they just bought a couple strands of those newfangled lights the year before.

Does the present for DDB mean he is going to come over & horn in on your festivities on the big day? What ever it is he'll slobber all over it you know. Just like a d-o-g.

Is that one large bone? We have a tiny table top tree.

Deer MaXX, Y do peoples put a tree in the houwse anyway? Trees iz for outside. I hope U gets prezents! With tissues paperz cuz that's da bestest part! Luv, Poppy

Max not to worry, i am sure your parents are hiding your presents because you are such a busy body that you would have ruined the surprise :)