Do I look annoyed? Do I?

I should.

Tonight I was lounging on the foot stool, waiting patiently for the clock to say It's Time To Feed Max, and you know what the Woman did? Do you?

She didn't look and tried to put her feet on the foot stool and CLONKED ME IN THE HEAD!


She nudged me in the side with her giant other foot!

You'd think that would be enough to make her feel bad enough to get up and feed me early, but no. I was all ouchy and she was just, "Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were there."

Well, for one, LOOK and for two, FEED ME EARLY.

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Was this after or before Buddah attacked her? I know that is not a good reason, but dang, he got her good!

Yep, annoyed. Bordering on disgust. We understand your feelings. Our hoomans are unable to follow simple commands, too.

Yikes, she has to look where she puts her feets!

That's just terrible, Max. Two injustices rolled into one!

At least she didn't sit on you. My mom's done that to me a few times and her excuse is she doesn't see me on the black couch. Really. This is what she says!

those are grounds for termination!!!! Call the lawyer!

Humans can be so thoughtless!

That is so wrong.

You do look annoyed, Max. I think something has earned a toothy death. Your Woman really needs to look where she puts her feet. At the very least she should feed you early.


You need to cry, whine and make her feel guilty. Begging works especially if you yelp and let the tears roll down your face. Non Mas. Punkin.

What? Your human didn't abase herself at your paws and beg for mercy and forgiveness? This is shocking!

We think you need a Mom intervention!! She is just not treating you right!!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Tillie & Georgia

Thanks for your kind words today at our post Max, Buddah & Karen.

Max, it's simple math:
head clonking = Pillow pooping

Mama clonks me on the head when she's not looking and she reaches for the remote. Doesn't she realize it's MINE to lay on? And that is what I do???
Feel your pain, Max. Really. Ouch!

Completely unacceptable--but sadly unsurprising. Really, did you expect anything different?

XOXO from Spitty a/k/a Teh Skunk-Man

That was completely wrong! Remind her of that, oh...say...long about 2 am.

Disgusting, Max! Sad, but true, humans are nigh untrainable. We like the toothy death or 2AM ideas . . .a lot.

Laura and Taffy

Well, we are sure you are annoyed, but ya really look more CLONKED! The line of yer eyes isnt the same as the line of yer mouth, so she knocked somethin loose...

Again, kitten abuse. We're horrified although not surprised. Most moms have to be put in their place from time to time.

Go at it Max.