All right. So the People didn't forget about me while they were cavorting around Disneyland like a couple of 14 year olds. However, I should have been more specific. When I asked them to bring me home That Mouse, this was not what I had in mind:

I can't eat that!

And has a metal loop in its head! If I eat that, I'll get a tummy ache! And the whole just tastes all plasticky.

People, I am disappoint.

In other news, Buddah doesn't fit in that box with his name on it. Oh, he can sit, but he can't curl up in it, which is what he wants to do. So overall, it's kind of funny now, watching him try to puzzle it out.

At least somethin around here amuses me right now.

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We can't believe they didn't bring you a tasty mousie!

Truffle and Brulee

So unfair. Leave it to humans to get it wrong.

Give that silly mousie a whap, Max.

Yes, humans don't always take our suggestions and follow through properly.

You just need to know HOW to play with this mouse.
Every night after the people go to sleep, place the mouse right where their feet hit the floor in the morning. Switch sides of the bed every once in a while.

You will have lots of fun that way.

That's a seriously lame present Max. What is WRONG with your Humans? What are you supposed to do with THAT? Well, I can think of a couple things but they're prolly illegal.

You could put it in Buddah's box. Actually, I think his present is worse than yours because it had the POTENTIAL to be cool, but is falls just short. Can you fit in Buddah's box? Cause you could maybe trade.

Dude, you were totally gypped.

That would not be the kind of mouse we'd want either. Boy, you've been ripped off by your humans. Hope Santa crosses them off his "good" list for that.

52 different kinds of WRONG. Has Buddah figured out his box yet? didn't your people measure him 'afore the got the box?

A Plastic mouse? Sigh. Sometimes people can be so dense.

Occasionally, we have real ones in our basement. You are welcome to come over any time to join us for Mouse Patrol.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

I think the real Mouse is much too big for your little tummy.

That is tragic! Are they trying to make you sick?

If you bat it around enough maybe it will break and your people will get how displeased you really are. But you need to wait until they are all comfortable and almost asleep so that have to get up to see what you are doing. Ha, ha!!

We are thinkin that iffen ya get yer back legs on the mouses head and manage ta pull that loop in the middle of the night, it should make some strange noises. That might be fun...

An when we saw Buddah in that box yesserday, we kinna wondered about him fittin init. But we thought we would just wait ta hear what happened.

We was wonderin if Buddah's box is maybe not a bed but a Toy Box? It looks a lot like the Toy Box at our house only all our toys get put in ONE box - our cheap human makes us SHARE! Why is your Humans lettin Buddah keep toys all to his self?

It's just not right that Buddah gets a box with his name on it and all you got was that icky tasting yellow-footed mousie! We think something must meet a toothy death. YOU are THE Psychokitty after all.

Casey Cat, Buffee Moon, Cody Kitty and Angel Mae.