Once in a while, Buddah has a good idea. And by good idea I mean sometimes he makes a worthy attempt to frustrate and annoy the People.

This was him yesterday morning:

He was fast about it, too. The Woman got out a box of cereal and while she was putting some in a bowl he jumped onto the counter, then onto the fridge, and crawled in there before she could stop him.

She turned around and asked him what he thought he was doing, but all he did to answer was to get deeper into the pantry, where there was no way she could reach him without getting something to stand on. I could see the Hehehehehe in his eyes, knowing what a pain it was going to be, because the standing-on-thingy is in the back of the house right now, in her office where she took it when she thought I needed help getting off the closet.

It was a worthy attempt on his part, but all the Woman did was take her bowl to the table to eat her cereal and look at the paper. He stayed in there, thinking when she was done eating she would get him out, but she didn't. She took a picture of him (I think to show Santa how rotten he is) and then she went into the room with the fireplace thingy and sat down, telling him that it was probably pointless to ask him to close the pantry door when he was done in there.

Man, was he disappointed. It was no fun anymore, so he got out and sat on the fridge, and tried to vent a few complaints about how not fun she was, but she just looked over her shoulder and said, "I see, you're out. Good boy. I'll close it in a minute."

I don't know what I liked more, that he thought of it and tried to tick her off, or that it backfired and she disappointed him by not caring that he was in the place where the crappy breakfast food lives.

Oh, and I want a taste of one of those PopTart thingies. She says I can't have any because it's not for kitties, and barely even for people. But still...I want to at least taste it.

One bite won't hurt.

Well, unless it's her I bite because she won't let me try it...

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Occasionally if Binga gets in a cupboard, my human will shut the door in her face and leave her in there for a while!

Yes, Nicki likes to go under the kitchen sink cupboard, where the dry food is stored. The mom often will close the door and leave him in there, or just ignore him. It's never fun when "naughtiness" is ignored!

I hope the Mom took a pic fur Sandy Paws to see that he redeemed himself by gettin out of the cupboard!

We've never done that--well Gemini did it once in the new place but well the high up cabinets are open there only so the Woman won't forget something when they move again--she could never reach that high regularly!

Our Casey Cat, with his nimble little toeses can open a cabinet door just as easily as the woman. The woman can come home from work and close one cabinet door after another as she walks through the house all the while grumbling at Casey Cat, finally asking him if he couldn't find something BETTER to do with his time?

The Crew at Catsrbetter

Good Job Buddah! You are right, Max. It is a close call which is more fun. the doing or the backfire!

Mommy always ignores me when me does that! She just shuts to door. Then she goes away and me ends up staying in there until she feels like letting me out! Great howls don't work either.

We think ya can enjoy BOTH the trick Buddah played AND that it backfired! Ya can laff at BOTH of them that way...

Come ta think of it, though, Buddah messed up. He SHOULD have started shoving cereal boxes off the shelf. That could have made a GRAND mess!

My Mommeh has been trying to find those pumpkin Pop Tarts!

Ha ha ha ha!

Oh, and about those Pop Tarts? I hear they actually taste like cardboard, which makes them just perfect for cats to bite on. Tell THAT to the Woman.

Cod, I just HATE it when I go to a lot of trouble to irritate a Human and said Human fails to cooperate with me. I'm mean, it causes a ripple in the force and just upsets efurrybuddy. The People should know their proper roles by now. What are they, MORONS?

It was a good trick Buddah, even if the intended target failed to cooperate. We think, like MM, that pushing the boxes off the shelf should be your next brilliant move.

Laura and Taffy

Vinny got locked in the cabinet for two hours once. Mom was in a complete panic looking for her "baby". I just sat and laughed since I knew where he was, but I wasn't telling.

My human sister found him and there were tears of joy from mom. It was quite disgusting.

Well, hey! there's Buddah!
Still, it's great to be "up high."

Look at you all laser-eyed and gorgeous up there amongst the boxes!