Look at this.

The People went to Disneyland and brought back all kids of bags, bags that I tried to dig through to see if they got me a present, bags they said to get out of, they'd give me my thing sooner or later. So I left the bags alone and have been waiting PATIENTLY, but what does the Man do?

He gives Buddah a new box.

A box with his name on it!

Where's my freaking box? I was GOOD while they were gone, you'd think I'd get something out of it.

I really think I liked it better when the Younger Human was here feeding us and taking care of things. I be HE would have given me a box, too.

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Max, that is just so wrong on so many levels. That's like tonight when I didn't get any fishy flakes for dinner...

No box for you?! That is SO not fair!!!

This is an outrage! Sumbody needs to answer fur this!

Oh Max! And since Buddah's name is on it, you can't even appropriate it under cover of darkness. Revenge is in order!

Laura and Taffy

There just HAS to be a box for you somewhere. If there isn't, then that just sucks.
Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

OMG, the indignity. Your people need to play fair. Boxes all around.

I think this calls for a toothy death of something valuable.

They must surely be saving you a whole drawer of boxes, Max? they're not silly, they know they gotta sleep sometime...

You should go on strike, Max. Stop using the litter box! Throw your foods all over the floor!

You deserve your own box!