This is my Younger Human:

I think he was having a hard day when this picture was taken. Probably girl trouble or something like that.

But, I digress.

He came over tonight, and doods, he has it right. There was pizza, and you know what?

I didn't even have to ask! He left some cheese and pizza sauce and grease on his plate, and then put it on the floor for me!

The People? They always make me ask! They have really good stuff for their dinners and won't give me any unless I'm both good AND say please, but him? He just gave it to me!

Clearly, this called for some concession on my part.

So I let him pick me up.

And  left him hold me.

For, like TEN seconds!

It was totally worth it.

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oh yeah, I know what you mean. I actually sat ON my Mom's lap today, while she gave me some scritches. Sometimes, it's worth it!

PS Malcolm is now living in Portland Maine, and he has a food blog!

wut a neat hooman yoo gots!

I'd totally let folks hold me for pizza. Umm--did I see him in the Walking Dead?

Dood! That photo says "girl trouble" all over it! Great on the pizza! Grandmom was visiting so I was offered leftover cream spinach and butternut squash. No food in that! --Jack O'Lantern

Yeah. Some of 'em are worth keeping.

Pizza goodness aside, but we're all worried here, dood! Your younger human looks kinda de-ranged, kinda like an AXE murderer! Are you sure that's not splotches of blood all over his shirts front? Maybe thats how he took care of his girlsfriend problem.

Ten seconds in his lap may have been too long!

catsrbetter crew

We don't blame you. Not one bit. He's a keeper!

Man, we feel sorry fer the Younger Human just lookin at that picture. Obviously some hard times involved! Looking at the picture, we are thinkin he drove a motorcycle into a crop reaper or wood-shredder.

But we give him MAJOR points fer givin ya the pizza plate! TBT gives us his good plates most of the time when he has had stuff we like the smell of... An he knows when NOT ta offer his plate. Like when he eats spaghetti. Just when he eats chicken or steak, or shrimps...

I think 8 seconds of holding for automatic offering of leftover pizza is a pretty good tradeoff!

He's a keeper all right, if you didn't have to ask! Yes, well worth enduring being held for a few seconds!

OH yes...keep him...reward him with another lap visit. xox

Sorry, I think pizza is worth a whole minute. Especially hamm pizza. Or sausage. Or even mushroom. And cheese???? *drool*

Your human reminds me of my human brother. Me misses him since we moved. But me will get to see him after now years.

That did deserve a reward for the younger human!

He's a good'un allright! ALso 10 miles of bad road. . .

Laura and Taffy

I have my mum trained to give me ice cream like that. Totally worth it.

You gots food and there was cheese! Yep, totally worth it.

Cheese pizza without asking for it? Yup, it was totally worth being held for a little bit.


Wow. What a great purrson! It's like he understands you.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

P.S. Is The Younger Human doing a Bill the Cat impression in the photo?

Ya know, Max, that shirt the Younger Human is wearing kinda looks like a Kitty-Scratch shirt. Izzat blood on there? Did YOU do that?? Surely not.

It was nice of him to give you the noms without your having to ask. A class act, that boy.

Except for the shirt.