Oh man, I knew Santa would come through! He got us a couple of really sweet things!

First..an awesome 'Nip stash. These things are PACKED with some really awesome nip. And the long ones are great for grabbing and bunny kicking while you put the bitey on it. The Woman thinks they'll last a long time, too, which is good since we kinda kill nip things all the time.

Then THIS!

He brought us a new tower! It's shorter than our other big one, but the thingies are big enough for us to curl up on, and a lot of towers have too-small thingies, so this really rocks. Buddah seems to really like it and has spent more time on it, but that's all right. I'll get around to it.


So the PEOPLE didn't out anything under the tree for us, but our friend Kris, with her kids Kasia and Bug, and her man-thingy Tim, THEY got us a BUNCH of toys!

That calendar thingie has a toy in EVERY SINGLE POCKET! Doods, we've got enough toys to last All.Freaking.Year.

And the topper?

The People didn't forget about us, after all. Tonight I was in the kitchen while the Woman was getting a bubbly drink and I peeked in the fridge, and doods, there's a big thing of REAL LIVE FRESH DEAD SHRIMP!

She saw me looking and she said, "Yep, Big Guy, that's for you. I'm sorry we forgot about it earlier, but we got caught up in things..."

And that was ok because the Younger Human was here so that was exciting. And the Woman doesn't like touching shrimpy things, so the Man will give me some for breakfast. So I have something more to look forward to!

I hope everyone else had as awesome a day as I did. It wasn't even really about the stuff...I just liked having ALL my people here (and I even growled at the Younger Human once, but to be fair he WAS trying to touch my tummy....) And just think, the new year is almost here and we get to party it in!

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We had a pretty nice Christmas, but I have to say, yours was REALLY awesome!

You got some great presents, and we love your cat tree.

Pawsome Christmas! We luf your new cat tower. Happy Holly-daze, kittehz. xoxo

What wonderful pawsomeness! Yous gots the bestest!
Wes never gots any catnip toys....

Max, I think I am jealous!

You guys really got good stuff. And that tower looks awesome.

You did have an awesome day.

Max, you and Buddah are very lucky to have all your peoples together and get gifts and shrimp

you sure had a great Christmas! So happy for you!

Hey, does that new cat tree give ya a good view into the kitchen? That would be SO cool.

And fresh dead shrimps? OMC!

Merry Krissymouse to the kitties, eh Max? Things are really looking up at your house now, Buddy!!

Great haul of stuff, Max. Happy Christmas to all of you!

Oh man, Santa was really good to you guys!!

Things turned out great! Nice toys, and we love the tower!

Happy New Year 2012 Dood!