This is very very disturbing.
Right up to almost the end.

That oughta teach the little chit to hit...

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Shocking !

And where are the STUPID parents--holding the camera! I hope kitty got THEM next.

Put down the camera and get the kid away from the cat before someone gets hurt. I sure hope this cat doesn't end up surrendered to a shelter. That kid is more than old enough to learn not to hit, but he was already upset. I don't usually go "troll" about videos, but this one IS disturbing.

I hope the child was punished after this. It's very possible the parents didn't know what the cat would do, but animals will defend themselves when attacked.

Poor kitty.

Yeah that is disturbing--more about the parents than the cat or kid...

We're speechless....(that doesn't happen very often)

Children who are taught that harming animals is ok usually end up with me representing them somewhere down the line. I could tell you stories that would curl your hair.
I hope against hope that this child was corrected. I also hope that the parent, where ever they were, correct the child and not the animal. This one pissed me off. (if you couldn't tell)

We say "RIGHT HIT ON!" We loved seeing the little weasel knocked over.

It is all the parents fault. The kid did not want the cat on his bed but hitting is the wrong way to correct the problem. A parent should have removed the cat before the kid went crazy!

Mom Kim here. Good for the cat. And I can tell you right now that if that were my child, I'd have had his pants down and his a** spanked.

Good thing I never wanted human kids.

BTW, yes, it's the responsibility of the parent(s) to teach the child to respect and honour All Beings--and to separate child and cat before this escalated like this. Maybe the parents should have their butts whacked too.

A bully in the making, the child not the poor kitty.

We aren't happy with the video but we are glad the kittie defended himself. Maybe it will teach the beans to work on teaching the sticky little thing to be nice to animals.

Max, Someone needs to teach that sticky creature the Number One Rule - All beds belong to the cat!

Judging from the kitty's power pounce this wasn't the first time the little snivler has taken a swing at this poor kitty. Why else would the Person keep holding the camera? The Mommy must have had a pretty good idea what was going to happen.

My kitties are even sadder, they're worrying that this sticky creatue has the makings of a future spouse beater. . .

No cookies for anybody - especially the Mommy.

The poor kitty was just defending herself. I do hope that the kid was punished for his cruelty---not the kitty. We are all feeling creatures; we don't deserve to be abused by any other being. It is a shame that some people don't respect others.

We hope the kitty is in a safe home. Bet any kind of people who stand by and let this happen got rid of the cat seeing nothing wrong with their kid. The kid is already crying at the beginning and striking back at the cat and the cat retaliates in self defense.
Good God!

I honestly hate people who don't bother to parent their children. Poor cat. And no, I don't have much sympathy for the kid. The cat just surprised him and then ran. If the cat was really out to do damage, it could have locked on.

go kitty go!!
hope you find a GOOD home kitty.