Holy carp doods. You know the Woman has brown hair, right? Well, brown with a whole lotta gray in it. I think something scared the holy carpola out of her the other day, because I went to take a nap and when I woke up, her hair was damn near white.

A really good fright is about all I have to explain that. But don't ask me how THIS can happen:

'Cause I really don't know...

Tomorrow at Ohmygawd O'clock she and Diva Kitty's Mom are getting on a plane and going to Atlanta to meet up with Jeter's Mom and a buncha other people for another boobie walk. But it's ok, because the Man is staying home to open cans for us, and in the end, that's the important thing.

Well, ok, 2nd most important thing.

I hope she doesn't blow chunk on DKM. The Woman doesn't like flying...but she REALLY doesn't like being awake at Ohmygawd O'clock...

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She's gonna make me go blind! It's SO BRIGHT!!!

Max, just be sure she doesn't try to dye your furs.

Um, what is goin' ON over there, Max? Have you totally lost control of your people????

Maybe she'll be too tired to blow on DKM? I sure hope so. And by the way--I wouldn't worry about her hair color, so long as she doesn't make a pink Max!

We have no esperience with woman Beins changin their fur colors suddenly, but TBT says he seen it happen alla time. Apparently, that is how they keep their furs longer than men Beins... An mebbe yoga. Or is that yogurt?

OMC, that is AWESOME! Pink for the boobie walk!

Pink? Oh Bast, we dint even get it! Comes from livin with a guy Bein... Sorry.

Have a great boobie walk...

Mom doesn't like to fly either. But last year her brother-in-law was getting married, in Puerto Rico, so she had no choice. She learned the hard way that she requires Dramamine to fly. She hasn't flown since.

Boobies!! Yay for your Woman for walking for Boobies!!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky (and fosters Panda and Domino)

Your Woman has the perfect hair colour for the boobie walk, of course! Good luck to her with that, and the flying. Our mom's petrified of flying too--it wasn't pretty, when she had to fly to Halifax last month!

Your Mom is very brave to go PINK! WE hope she does well in the boobie walk. Our Mom loves to fly! She hates to walk!

I would so love to try that, but i don't yet have the courage. Looks great!

Maybe you should support your mom since she has pink hair and you should wear a pink collar.

You would be such a handsome young man. I think that's what our mom calls us.

My Mom would dy her hairs (and mine too) pink too!

Lady Thumper!