Doods, I've been watching this for like eleventy hours, and this poor guy still hasn't landed.

I'm chewing my paws down to numbs waiting to see if he lands on his feet...

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Oh no! it's a nightmare!

I think he is gonna land on his butt. But I'd stop watching before that happens, MOL!

Dood, turn the channel.

I have had nightmares like that... But you know, I can't stop watching either...

That is scary! WE hope he lands OK!

MOL...Max ! this looks so funny because I imagine you watched for eleventy hours!!!!...Ha..Ha..You will sleep well later on my friend but may be...dream more about this guy...ha..ha

That must be like when the Humans are in bed and wake up thinking they are falling. That kitty must nearly have reached Australia by now.

You're such a goose!

That is one tall building!

We sure hope there is a net down there somewhere...