See? See the things I have to put up with?


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Max, time to pass some purrsonal gas.

I'm not sure why humans find "The Hand" game so entertaining - it's really kind of annoying!

Man, that's abuse! I'd report them if I were you...or you could just sing extra loud at half hour intervals for one very special night. Whattya reckon??

Max, I feel for you.

You were giving the Hand a good fight!

We see! How unfair! It's five against one! MOL! Purrs.

Why is that Man not bleeding?

I'm with Spitty. The man should be bleeding. At least, that wouldn't be so annoying.

Taffy and that woman

I'm curious as Spitty !
Cause No human in my family dare to do that with me !

LOL at Spitty!

Our mom doesn't do that to us for precisely that reason--she doesn't want to teach us that it's okay to bite and claw at a human. We have lots of wands and other toys that she uses to play with us, though. :-)

you are clearly annoyed and yet he just keeps on. cruel. just cruel.

Max you heroically put up with that for as long as you did.

You do the play bitey just like Harley!

Max, it does not take much to amuse humans ;) heeheehee

Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

I see it ended with the 'tocks of disrespect.

Awww I loved that!

That was too cute!

loved this blog
Caring for cats

loved this blog
Caring for cats

Hehehehehehe!! Love the video Max!! Mom does that to us ALL the time, too!
Your TX furiends,

I see you got in a couple of great biteys, Max. Good for you!! I must say, though, it's kind of embarassing that he laughed at your efforts.


I could see that tail swishing back and forth!!