It's my blogoversary! Eight years! w00t!!1!

And for for my blogoversary, I think I'm gonna admit I missed the Woman when she was off walking for the boobies in Atlanta.

But only a little bit.

And I might have wandered around the house, meowing as I looked for her. But only because I knew the Man would tell her and she would get warm fuzzies thinking she's important or something. It's important to make a person feel needed every now and then. That makes them give you extra crunchies when they get home.

But doods!


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Happy Blogoversary! Eight years is a long time to be doing this, very impressive! We hope you'll be around another 8 and more! :-)

Happy Blogoversary Max! That is nice that you shared the love with your Woman. You're right, it does come back to you in treats...

Glad to have found you all those years ago. I'm Mancat enough to say, you're an inspiration to "UnPsychoKitties" everywhere.

PS your Woman's hair really sets off your furs. Love it

Happy Blogoversary!! You are too kind to make your human feel needed. You are extra special.

Happy Blogoversary! Now you make me wonder when mine is..

Eight years! You've been blogging as long as I've been alive! (Thank Cod it's not as long as my *mom* has been alive.) Concats, Max! You're an inspiration to us all.

P.S. I think you should celebrate by dying your white fur pink to match the Woman.

Happy Blogoversary! That's longer than some of the cats here have been around!

Happy 8th Blogoversary Max! Thats amazing. Youve been blogging as long as the 3 of US have been alive, combined!

Concats on 8 years!!! Very impressive.... and it is ok to miss the woman just a little. ;)

Is that a pink heart around your neck? You really are a cool dude.

Mommy snuggles are our favorite part of the day. You were a sport to let your picture be taken during your snuggling time. Your mom must feel extra special.

Good job with the blog and Happy 8th Blogoversary!!!

Eight years -wow! BIG conga rats to you, Max! You have been on the interwebs almost as long as me! (I started up in January 2003.)

Happy Happy Blogoversary!!!!
You are a pioneer Max, a trailblazer, the finest of his kind!
Now, what did you get for treats?

Happy Blogoversary, Max! 8 years is terrific!!

And give the woman a headbutt from us too for walking the boobies. We think that's pretty cool.

Happy blogoversary to you!

Aw, Max, that picture makes me think you are just a big softy! It's nice for you to love The Woman.

Eight years! Wow!

Dora the explorer xxx

Congratulations on your blogoversary. Eight years is a long time.

Did the woman bring you any treats back from Hotlanta?

Cody and Gracie

8 years and she still doesn't know enuff not to leave you alone! Really Max, we know yoo love her, maybe not as much as you love yoorself...but still. Concatulations on yoor blogoversary!

Congrats, Max! You're blatant lack of respect inspires us daily! WE may even manage to get our mum bloggin any month now. Have an excellent party, won't you?

Happy Bloggerversary! Of course you missed the lady!

Congratulation Max!

Happy Blogoversary Max, it is because of you that we are blogging. Nearly 6 years for us!

Whooo Hoo! Congratulations on da big eight blogoversary. And dat's such a precious moment yoo two are sharing. We gots a little sniffle jus lookin' at dat picshure.

Congrats!! Your posts are always fun to read, we love seeing you come up in our reader!

Pretty impressive! Congrats on 8 years.

That's amazing! Concatulations on your blogaversary! xoxo

Congrats on 8 years. Did you know only last week I realised how famous you guys really are?

First, while I am trying to sleep on the floor, you are on my human's computer thingy in her study where she looks at blogs and pretends to do other stuff. Then I saw your blog in the background of some TV programme (our only TV is at the other end of the house) which was about the internet. You were in two places in New Zealand on the same day and my crazy female human is muttering something to the male human (who as usual is paying no attention) about how she knows that blog on TV, and did he see that. So you are famous where I live!


Eight years is very impressive! I'm only up to five. Congratulations Max.

Wow 8 years! We are only just reaching our 1 year anniversary! Hope we get to 8 one day. Congratulations!

happy blogoversary, max!! we allus pick up some good ideas when we read yer bloggie--like "make the human feel important so you get extra treats". we's proud to say we knows ya--an' it astounds us to think we'f known ya a lotta that 8 years!!

thanks fur bein' here fur alla us at the CB--we're sure there ain't nocat whose life hasn't been improved by knowin' you!

the meowers

Have enjoyed all 8 and hope for 20 more!

Congrats on eight years! My seventh was the 25th and I totally missed it. How does that happen? I'm glad your Mom made it back from Atlanta. We are super proud of her.

I am bowing down to you and will bow down to you FOREVER!!


I don't know how you do it!!
I didn't even know they HAD blogs 8 years ago!

I am in complete AWE!!


Happy Blooversary, Max. It is OK for a real mancat to miss his woman. How did she do in the walk?

Congrats on the Blogging!!! We have you & your blog to thank for our existence as Furry Bambinos. After Clyde went to The Bridge, Mom wasn't sure if she wanted more kitties ever again because it hurted so much when they leave.

Mom happened upon your blog a few weeks after Clyde left for the Bridge, and you helped convince her to give kitties a try again.

So you are our Hero, Max!! We love you dood!!!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, Sky, Outdoor Ferals Mama Rose & Daddy, & Fosters Panda & Domino

P.S. It totally looks like she is sucking the furs off your head. Did she leave a bald spot?

It's a really good thing it's your Bologversary Max, and such a Big One too, or else I might have to comment on the way you are leaning so gratefully into the Woman's, um, Boobies, just like you has missed her desperately, which of course, you didn't. Much.