Ha. The Woman woke up a little after 4 this morning thinking we were having an earthquake, and she was all ready to bolt out of the bed and go hide like the inner 5 year old she can be sometimes, when she realized it was just me, taking a bath while on her bed, pretty close to her pillow.

She seemed annoyed, but what was I supposed to do? Not bathe?

I'm not Buddah.

Now she's blaming me because she couldn't get back to sleep, but hey, I'm not the one who over reacted in the first place, right?

Besides, if it hadn't been so freaking cold in the house I might have been lounging somewhere else instead of trying to steal her warms while she slept.

So it's her fault for not turning the warm air blowing thingy up higher.

I'm totally innocent.

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I can't believe how humans blame us for things that are not our fault.

Funny how humans like to twist the facts in their favor, isn't it, Max?

I just don't know how she keeps blaming you for all her shortcomings, Max.

Max, Do you have a dog to blame ?

Naturally it is NEVER your fault. The inner 5 year old must be the one assigning blame, as well.

Ha ha ha ha! What a silly woman!

We definitely hate a cold house. Is there any possibility that you can reach the hot air blowy thingy controls? We haven't been able to reach it, but luckily for us, Mom's always cold, so she keeps the house comfortable.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky (and fosters Panda and Domino)

You must of been bathing rather actively, Max! Earthquake, MOL!

We just came from reading the woman's account of the adventure. Your's makes much more sense.

Max, Bubbeleh, if your bathing seems like an earthquake, maybe it's time to lay off the extra kibble? Heh heh

Silly human! But, uhh, Max, Spitty does make a point.

Taffy and that woman

What's a kitten to do...when its time to bathe, its time to bathe. We bet the woman doesn't check with you when she wants to take a shower or bath.

We know sometimes we need our mom and she's standing in that box with the water (shudder) coming down on her. No concern for us, only herself.

Mommy said the same thing when I ti=ook a bath up against her back last week. She thought I was having a seizure! GOOD GRIEF! Her only excuse is I startled her awake.