I dunno what I was expecting when the Woman came back from walking for boobies, but this limping lump of do-nothing wasn't it. Doods, she's, like, just THERE and not doing anything.

Well, she's barking. Seriously. She sits there and barks.

I'm not sure, but I think she might have licked a dog while she was walking and caught dog-cooties. This is making it very difficult for me to want to sit on her and purr, just in case her brains have turned into woofie-mush and she tries to lick me and pass the cooties along. I'll risk a few people cooties, but I have my limits.

Maybe Buddah will risk it. I think he's part woofie, anyway.

He owes her, too. She was sitting here minding her own business, and he head-butted her ouchie foot, right where it hurts the most.

It must have been one hell of an Ouch Moment, because she went to her stabby guy and he's sending her to see a stabby guy who does nothing but look at feet all day. She's not happy, but that's what she gets for not practicing her walking enough. Clearly, she needed more...

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Oh noes! Poor Woman!

What makes it even WORSE, though, is that she does not have the energy or inclination to supply you with the 24/7 attention and care that the Humans owe us. I hope her paw feels better soon so that she can once again dance attendance upon you.

Man at least if she's just going to sit there she could pay attention to you guys! Sheesh.

Jeez - your human hurts herself trying to do good, and then she has no energy left for you kitties. Is there no justice in the world?

We hope her hurty paw gets better soon, so she can pay proper attention to you.

Cody and Gracie

WE are so sorry the Woman has an ouchie foot and is barking! Try not to get her cooties but do love on her! SHe needs you now!

sounds like she could use some purr therapy..

We are sorry to hear that your Woman may have turned into a woofie. Good thing Caramel is not there - she has a Serious Thing for Feet. She would be rubbing all over your Woman's Hurty Footies.

Take good care of her Max!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, Sky, Outdoor Ferals Mama Rose and Daddy, & Fosters Panda and Domino

Oh no, poor Mom! She could probably use sum extra luffs, headbutts, and biskit-makin. We are sending her sum healing purrs too!

Poor Woman.

Yikes! We feel badly for your Woman and are sending purrs that she gets better soon. Tell her good luck with the foot stabby guy!

Purrs for the woman's paw. Pace yourself Max don't get too exhausted doing all the nursing duties. A few extra headbutts and special kitty kisses work wonders for our mom. She always says ahh....what nice boys. Work it Max!

Start looking for a snazzy dog collar for her, just in case.
We hear she likes pink.

That must be some serious thick head Buddah butts with! Between that an mebbe dog-cooties, we would give him a wide berth fer a few days.

Purrs ta yer Woman...