It's 'TOCKTOBER! Happy birthday, Derby!

This is the closest thing to a 'tock shot I could find...but hey, it's a 2-fer!

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We luf 2-fers! Great shot! Happy Tock-tober.

What's wrong with another bowl ?
You can give it to me, I really interested ; )

WOW! I am IMPRESSED! Those are beautiful ample Tocks!

Oh! Oh! Oh! A double toc shot! And lovely tock shots too!

Double tocks--and at the food dish too!

What? What?! WHAT??

I don't know what to think, Max. To let Buddah that close??

Yeah, that works for a double tock shot. Thanks for the purrthday wishes.

Eating out of the same bowl! What is this world coming to! Great 'tocks

Well, double 'tocks is twice as nice!

Laura and Taffy

Great tocks, guys! Obviously, neither of ya are starvin... But, eating out of the same bowl? We are shocked, Max!

Just curious, what were you two doing there? So peaceable and all. Usually when we're that close, that means we are hunting.

Yes, we posted Rated G versions of Tocks shots this year, too.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny & Sky, Outdoor Ferals Mama Rose & Daddy, and Fosters Panda & Domino

I think that is a wonderful picture. I refuse to let the Human take any really humiliating pictures of my ::shhhh:: cute little tocks.

It's a winner!!!!
What a teriffic picture!

Happy Blogoversary Max! That's for October 26th.

Luf, Us

Great twofer 'tocks shot, Max. You and Buddah eating out of the same bowl? Really? What is the world coming to?

Happy Blogoversary!

Hey Max, Happy Blogoversary !!!!

Happy Blogoversary, Max! (Wednesday the 26th, according to the CB!)

Happy Blogoversary dude!

Looks like a great tock shot to me.
Wishing you a Happy Blogoversary!

Happy Tocktober, and happy blogoversary, too! :)

Max! It's your Blogoversary!!!!!
Get the woman off her lazy 'tocks and have her help you make a post!!
Happy! Happy! Happy!