I had an epiphany of sorts this morning; I was trying to decide what I wanted to do: take nap #3, look out the window, lick myself, or dig a toy out of the toy basket and play with it.

Well, I had just woken up from nap #2, there's nothing worth looking at out our pathetic windows, I took an bath between naps 1 and 2, so that left getting a toy out. The problem was, what to play with?

Nip banana?
Feather toy?
Buddah's track ball thingy?
Squiggly thingy?

I had way too many choices. I mean, I had an embarrassment of choices.


I own way too much stuff.

And that got me to thinking. I have all this stuff, and it's really good stuff, and I've played with all of it, but I don't need it all. Mostly I like my nip banana, so I'd like to keep that, but the rest of it?

I think I want to give it away.

Now, I figure my toys are worth something, because they're coated in my very own spit and fur, so my friends just might like to have something. So, I made a list of everything I have, and I want to give it away.

You want one of my toys?


'Cuz, you know, I'm all generous and chit...

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Ohhhh, Max! You got me!

WE suspected this! But we had to click just to make sure!

Well darn, cuz I really wanted me some Max funk to sniff...



You know I just wanted to see what the catch was! HA HA HA!!! DUDE! The Woman gave up on Haiti with Duvalier and found you in the second book of the Charybdis series. She even like read those parts out loud to us. You didn't tell us that your blog was all fiction and you live with a guy named Chip!

"He's not a cat. He's Satan wrapped in fur."

Hahahahaha...and here Sadie was hoping to get some Max spit. Maybe she should just kiss yoo.

MOL! We KNEW it was a Foolie, but we had ta look ta see "in what way"...

Good one, Max! I, too, could not resist clicking.

I couldn't resist clicking either! That was a classic!!! Loved it! If it had been legit I was gonna suggest that you donate them lol

Do you know what Max? Even after I posted my OWN April Fools post, my totally LAME HUMAN totally fell for this. How DUMB is she? Too dumb to have a cat like ME.

I KNEW there was something fishy going on!

No thanks, we have way more toys than we really need too. Guess we gotta make a sharing spot. NOT!

You are too kind Max. But we have plenty of toys here too.

Max it might be April Fools but you have disappointed your hordes of fans! Us included.

I love spit and fur..usually my own though. xoxox

And, Max, my TRAY has a PLACE MAT -- don't forget to demand THAT as well. You totally deserve it, Dood. Buuddah too. Okay, well, maybe he doesn't. But YOU do!

Ah -ha-ha-ha-ha!!! We didn't click through for days and it was STILL funny! Oh, bravo, Max.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha snort ha ha ha ha snort you almost had me. then i thought, no way would he just give stuff away.

i mean, you'd do it to raise money for needy kitties or beans, but not just for shnits and giggles.

good one dood. good one.