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Geez, Max, life can't be that tough!

Dreaming of tuna?

Is it all too much, or are you bored beyond belief?

Honey, come play wif me!

looking good!

I'm right there with you !

Max! What's wrong, Buddy? Are you still mooning aver that hot dog or has some fresh disappointment come into your life?

No real live fresh dead shrimp today?

Have the gone and left you again? you have a sad?

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Poor Max...are things that bad in your house or are you still feeling sorry for yourself.

Are they still abusing you? Poor Max, Sadie volunteers to kiss you until your happy...but don't tell her we said that!

Still no shrimpies or nip today, huh?


What's wrong dood?

Have your People still not brought you a suitable peace offering for not sharing the hot dog? You can teleport over here any time, dood. Ever since we have had former ferals Sunny and Sky around, Mom had gotten a lot more liberal with the treats - something about rewarding the ferals when they show trust. At least Mom shares the treats with the rest of us.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

I think we have the same couch!MOL!! Is yours microfiber too???? Love the couch and the photo!

Is Buddah botherin ya again?

Dude, you look like you're thinking about hitting the road. I don't blame you, what with the hot dog and grass and stuff. You can come here.

no real live dead shrimp?

wait a minute - what are you doing on our couch?

Dear Max,
You look bored. Maybe you can come help me with a problem I have. My hooman posted a video (sometimes she's mean that way). I just can't seem to get my paws and tongue to work the right way when it comes to ear cleaning. Maybe if my snarky two-legged servant would put the camera down she could lend me a tongue.
Love and purrs, Roxanna