Doods! Look! Skeezix's Food Lady is launching something REALLY COOL!

It's mousebreath! and dooods, it's a magazine for US!

Go peek!

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Ooo, thanks for the heads up, Max!

We think your link is a bit wrong-there is an "N" instead of "B" cuz we got an error when we tried to link to it! Just a tail up!

Have a Hoppy Easter,
The cyclone cats

Yeah...i notised yer gointa havva column dood. Nice!
Yer rite abowt mi brudder mickey ... He did it again wen mi mom diden't lissin to him wen he asked to go owtside.

The Woman has already been over there to offer to contribute...

My fixed...

We will have to think about a column we could do...

Cool! This looks really exciting!

Happy Easter !!!!!!!!!!
Ooooo!!! That sounds cool.We will check it out!!
Purrs Tillie & Georgia

Cool! We subscribed! Thanks for letting us know

Happy Easter & Happy Springtime, Max, Buddah & People!

And we will go check out the magazine. We lubz the title!

Yeah, we had stopped by the other day. We like Skeezix and the Food Lady's stuff.

Happy Easter.

gonna check it out right now. Thanks for the "paws up!"

this looks berry inneresting! I sawed another innerseting bloggie at What do you think?

Angel n Taz

Wow - we saw your picture on there and saw that you will be an official correspondent! That is teh awesome!