Ok, this is NOT what it looks like.

I just wanted that space to curl up and nap on, and the Woman just HAPPENED to be there and I wanted to use the folded up sweatshirt she uses as support because he shoulder hurts if she doesn't and she's way too lazy to just get up and go get a small pillow to put my head on and her arm just HAPPENED to be on it.

I was not trying to cuddle up to her.


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Awwww - Max is a snuggle bug...

Yeah you know sometimes you gotta use what you gotta use...

It just happened that way. No way are you cuddling!

I totally believe you, Max!

Hey, of course, we understand. Really. No cuddling.

Uh huh. Of course. It was just a coincidence.

Yea...ok Max. Stand tough. But a cuddle that wasn't meant to be is always a good thing anyway.

Sometimes a boy just needs his mommy. It's ok and I won't tell anyone.

That word isn't even in your vocabulary...even though you just used it.


Me believes you, thousands wouldn't be me does.....

As we say in my house, "Sure-EEE-er you were just 'resting' your head".

um ok Max, we believe you

suuuure Max, I believe you.

Max, you were set up. Of that we have no doubt. Things are not always as they seem.

Max, Bud, I am afriad that this is EXACTLY what it looks like. The head snuggle could be accidental (though I doubt it) but there is no mistaking that possessive paw across the wrist as anything but snuggling.

Busted, Man.

You made the mom very happy.

Oh no, of course not. NOT!

Hmm, we should have read this one first! Perhaps it IS what it looks like...