Okay, doods, do me a favor and go watch this video 'cause the more who watch it the more visitors it shows, and it's for Skeezix's Food Lady, who NEEDS to be the Purina Cat Chow Correspondent. Well, we need her to be, on account of how cool that would be and if she gets it that would totally give us all street cred.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will ask yourself, "Doood? Is she eating Skeezix's food?"


You will.

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WE been there. The Woman has decided if she has to compete with Karen eating Skeezix food then she can't be the correspondent!

Mom has watched it three times tonight!

Max! I did! I did ask myself, "Is that Lady eating Skeezix's food?" That was a really good little moobie.

Excellent movie. I had no idea Tripper was so... round.

I wanna tayste that doodz face, nomnom!

Pawsome video!! Good luck to the Food Lady!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Great video. We love the "trained Tripper" part. We hope she is eating Chex Mex cause eating the kitty's food is just wrong. I know. The stinky boy takes a handful of mine before mommy runs over screaming "nooooooooooooo"
I say, if it is yummy and good enough for me, it is good enough for the stinky boy. But he should keep his grubby hands off. We hope the Food Lady wins!

dood, she's eating kibble . that's 58 different kinds of COOL

That was a cool movie! TBT ate a kitty kibble once (he was coorius). He said it needed fake cheez powder an salt.

We love this video and think the Food Lady would be an excellent spokeswomsn for Cat Chow.
She is funny, cool, artistic and a great cat mom.
Gramma cracked us up!
And we love the video of Mr Tasty Face too.
And the great Tripper making an appearance.....well, icing on the cake!
We really hope she gets it!