Know why I looked so forlorned in that picture?

Because I am not getting the attention I deserve, and the woman has been so busy "working" that she hasn't been willing to let me near the computer.

Oh, and let me tell you, the last few days no one wanted to get anywhere near her while she was hogging the computer. Her book was done, all edited and proofed and reproofed and rewrites and all that chit was done, so it was time to turn it into a book.

The problem was, her software was not playing nice. And the more it refused to play with her the more ticked off she got and guys? I was really starting to think she was going to either start chucking things around the house, or she was just going to EXPLODE.


As in, one giant humanoid =BOOM= that would have left brains and guts and blood all over the place. And I'm pretty sure that most of it would have spattered on the computer, which would have made using it later really gross.

Then after she got it figured out and got the thingy she needed to give to the people who will turn her crap into a book, she tried to turn it all into an e-book, and again her stuff wouldn't play nice. But she didn't even try to mess with it too much, she asked for help from someone with brains, and he fixed it for her.

But man...that was a terrifying couple of days.

I thought that since she's done with the book that I'd get some attention, but then I heard her say tonight she's going to start something new. That means like another YEAR of inadequate Max time.

I am so annoyed.

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OMC, you just described my past three months! And all that was over getting an already-published and laid-out book (mine!) into .mobi format for Kindle! Seriously, my human was nearly impossible to live with. And guess what? Now that she's done, she wants to do it AGAIN, because she does not want to forget how she made it work the first time!


I think it's time for her to let you work on your next book!

Sparkle, your mom might want to join Kindleboards and hang around the Writer's Cafe...there are some really helpful people there who can help fix things before you feel like you want to kill something...

Plus, the whole Kindleboards is just a nice place to hang around...out of the Cafe there's lots of book talk and readers to engage.

I've done dozens of books before, but I caught a MAJOR hiccup and it just wouldn't guy took 5 minutes, and bingo, he had it.

Max, I am glad that horrible time is over. And now the Woman can slow down and read your Woman's books again... She's liking this kindle thing...

Well, now it should be Max time. Since its Good Friday, I purchased some lobster for dinner and as I cut it up my "boys" Manny and Vinny just gorged themselves on yummy lobster. Now they are sleeping it off. I hope your human reads this and gets the hint that Max still is waiting for a special treat.

Another year?! Oh no! That is unacceptable!

Start storing up that poop, ok dude?

Oh, poor Max - you are so abused! How do you even manage? Poor baby - we would snuggle you if we were there!

Max, ya REALLY deserve some ME-time! In fact you always deserve that, but sometimes the Beins get distracted.

Still it WOULD have been a neat picture of The Woman all exploded around the room!

Max! C'mon, buddy, light a fire under that Woman. I rely on you for guidance in being a True Curmudgeon, and lately I've been on my own. I need you, Max!

It's Easter weekend, give her chocolate. That will help.

Sorry to hear about your tales of woe, Max. Mom had something similar for the past 4 weeks at work trying to convince IT that she needed a different version of Visual Studio in order to make her SQL Server BI software behave.

As Mom says, sometimes work is a four-letter word. We think she's wrong, work is always a four-letter word.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

Poor Max! We are sorry you are being neglected!

Mom says your human should be "congratulated", odd huh.