See how annoyed I look?

Oh yeah, I am annoyed. I am annoyed because the other day the people came home and were all "Oh look we brought you guys a present!"

It was grass.

Big whoppee chit.

I don't like grass.

Buddah, on the other paw...

It's been a cacophony of nom nom nom slurp nom nom nom ever since.

They better bring ME a present soon...

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Maybe some real live dead shrimp?

That would be AWESOME!

Yikes, that certainly is an annoyed face. You do it better than my "boys". I better not let them see this. Hope you get a good present....they owe you.

Well, that wasn't exactly considerate of them, given that they must know you don't like cat grass. Why didn't they bring something YOU would like too? We're not impressed, on your behalf!

-Fuzzy Tales

We think the shrimp would be good too.

Me LOVES eating grass! It makes me yak and then me has the fun of watching Mommy or Daddy clean it up!!

We're sorry - it stinks to get a present that you don't like. Olivia was quite upset the other day when Mom got her a catnip plant for her birthday.

I don't like grass either. But don't worry, they will be sorry when Buddah hacks up green all over the floor.

Angel is a grass lover. We see the other two eat a little, but nothing like her!

I love grass but I am not really allowed to have it because I evidently have no "self-control" (as if!) and the Human is tired of cleaning up grass yak from all over the house.

But I digress. You need a present, a really good one now that you've been dissed like this.

A nice plump fresh nip plant?

something from your favorite chef Denny?

Well, mebbe Buddah will barf it an get in trubble!

Yep, definitely real live fresh dead shrimp. That would be great.

Hahaha, you said "chit"!

Do you need ear plugs so you can't hear Buddah nomming and slurping?

Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

I LOVE catgrass, and I'm the only one in our family that does. Do you think Buddah would mind if I stopped by for a chomp or two?


We all love catgrass here but a nip plant would be better.

Moms trying to grow some catgrass right now. Ain't working out too well either.

like maybe their heads on a platter?

Dude we totally understand because most of us are not into that stuff either. It stinks when a present favors one over another and the one it favors isn't you!