OK, this is really not what it looks like.

Today is the Man's birthday.
His FIFTIETH birthday.
So today I gave him the ultimate gift.

Really, what more could he want?

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That is THE ultimate gift..none other even thought of or needed.


Happy birthday to the Man!

We think it's very generous of you to give him a cuddle like that...especially because there's no way you'd enjoy that, it would be such a hardship for you. Such a sacrifice you've made! We hope the Man appreciates it!

-Fuzzy Tales

What a wunnerful gift! We hope he appreciated your sacrifice...

Happy Birthday to the Man! And yes, you are the ultimate gift, Max.

That was very nice of you. Seriously, what more could he want? I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

there is NOTHING more that he could want! Happy 50th To Your "man!!!"

OK. We get that this is a GREAT gift for the MAN. BUT...this is TWICE that you say you didn't cuddle on purpose. We think you protestith too much.
We think YOU LIKE IT!!!!

Can't lie to us, Max.
We know.

Diamond and Putter

Max, I'm sure it's a trick of the camera, but you sure do look very content.

Happy birthday to the Man!

I am sure that anything else will pale by comparison! Happy Birthday to him.

Happy 50th.

Max, I hope he realizes how lucky he is to get such a special cuddle from you. You are just too good!

Mom to Manny and Vinny

Happy birthday to your dad... er the Man. You came up with the perfect present!

Wow! What a great gift idea! Me will have to remember that one! Hey Mother's day is comming up....

you just can't put a price on that kind of generosity. Happy birthday to the Manand I hope the people appreciate what a saint you are, my man.

Always thinking of others!
That's what makes you one of the great ones, max!
Happy Birthday to The Man!

Happy birthday to the Man! I can't think of a better present.

Max, NO kitty looks like THAT unless cuddling is a regular part of his day. Just sayin'.

Happy Birfday, Man.

Nothing more Max. Nothing more.

That is the best birthday present ever.

Max, I think you gave your male human the best birthday gift ever!

P.S. While my human was figuring out how to format my book for Kindle, my ears were BURNING, there were so many bad words being spewed! And it took her three months to properly learn the process, so I am lucky to have any ears left!

Max, of course you are the ultimate gift - you are Birthday Gift to the Max! Happy Birthday to The Man.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

Max, you old softie....

You know, Max, there's no shame in being a Daddy's Boy. I'm one, and I'm proud of it!!


You look so comfy. The best present for the Man. Happy Birthday (belated).