Sheesh, Dooods, you know what? The Woman got up IN THE MORNING, like 2 hours early, and I was thinking "Score! We get breakfast early!" but you know what she did? She freaking ate her OWN breakfast, and then left! We sat there watching her open the door like, damn, this is harsh, but she just said, "I'll be back in a little while and you can eat then."

Well cripes, how were we supposed to know what her definition of "a little while" might be at that moment? It could have been 10 minutes, it could have been 10 hours. For all we knew we were going ALL DAY without getting breakfast.

Why the fark couldn't she feed us when she was feeding herself?

When she got back she didn't even say she was sorry, she just said she'd gotten back by our normal breakfast time, but dangit, when you wake a kitty's tummy up early, you should fill it early!

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I'm sorry Max!
Well, I have problems of my own in that I can't sleep and it's really late, but I sympathize. I surely hope that you get food soon. At least I can use a toaster or a microwave.

For those of you who wonder who I am, I have been one of the "anonymous"es for the last couple of years.

That was really WRONG of the woman bein! She could have fed ya before she left. Unless she was going ta put out a fire or stop a speeding truck or somethin!

We dont get fed on a schedule, cuz TBT wakes up anny old time of day from dawn ta noon. But at least we know that WHEN he gets up, we get fed immediately! Even before he eats...

What the hell is wrong with her? How could you let her leave the house without knowing where she was going?

Oh that is a horrifying story of a abuse and neglect. Is there some place you can report her Max?

Good Cod! A travesty of KittyKatKare.


Max, at our house we get fed even before coffee. We will be right over and have a *very* firm talk with your Woman. This is SO Not Right!

P.S. There are 12 of us...She'll HAVE to listen.

You just can't get good help these days. We understand exactly what you mean Max!

Ok, see, this just makes no sense. Woman gets up, woman feeds kitties - isn't that the rule on how it is supposed to be - like a universal truth or something? We don't get it. We just don't get it at all.

We hope this weekend is better and the noms are all on time (or early, oooh, or even better - extra - extra noms!)

Sheesh!! How rude to eat in front of you and not give you anything!! Sounds like animal cruelty to us!

And she ate in front of you!

Did she have to go to the store to buy your food? Because, really, that's the only acceptable reason I can think of for what she did. And even that's not really acceptable because there should always be at least a four-week supply of kitty food in the house.

This is just so wrong. I have my human trained to feed me before she eats. I even bug her while she in in the litter box room to make sure she doesn't forget.

what the frig? so what she is saying is that you aren't worth extra foods in the morning to make up for the inconvenience of being woken up early, AND to assure you don't starve if she runs late for your regular feeding time.

I think that means some type of revenge plot must be set into play

She was eating right in front of you while she was not-feeding you??!?!? TAUNTING you?!?!?!

What is wrong with the Woman??!?! Does getting up early make her all wrong in the head?!?!?


Wrong and selfish! You have to make her feed you before she fixes her own breakfast. Did you meow a lot at her? My kitty would not allow this.

Really! She should feed you the moment she goes into the kitchen (the moment she gets up!).

What?! She couldn't have take 2 seconds to throw a handful of dry kibbles in your bowl? It's disgraceful, Max...just disgraceful. How do you tolerate it?

Yeah, Mom and Dad are real bad about saying "we'll be right back" when they head out. But we know "right back" isn't always a short while at all.

well YEAH, if you wake a kitty up early you haf to feed him early. From that day until forefur!