All right, the Woman has no pride, and she's gonna start poking people to donate money since no one will be at the finish line of that long walk dangling donuts in front of her.

But...if you donate, you get chances at winning prizes, and the first one goes up a little after midnight. You want to win, you know you do.

For every $5 you donate, you have a chance at winning.

Rockin' the Pink

Go check it out...the first prizes are handmade by a really cool blogger who jumped in and offered to make these. And I've seen 'em up close...they are wicked nice.

There are gonna be a lot of prizes over the next few months, but don't worry about donating early and not being eligible later...everyone who donates is eligible for all the prizes through the whole thing!

Coolness will abound!

Now, let's be real...a lot of people want to donate but can't. Please don't feel bad about that. Real life is sucky sometimes, so if you can't, you can't, and we understand that. we don't want anyone donating if it means hurting themselves. But if you can...think of the boobies, doods! THE BOOBIES!!!


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we hope you get loads of donations. FAZ

Well at least it's not photos of her boobies...

We donated! Mom has donated to another blogger in California, too!

We have not had a chance to donate yet - but we will. We just had to get some other stuff taken care of first but mom gets paid again soon! We totally agree that it is very important to save the boobies!!

Oooooh, PRIZES. My Human likes those but she don't nebber win none so I don't know why she's so 'cited!

Its a good cause, but not ours... We are more into Muscular Dystrophy. TBT had a dear childhood friend who died of that.

pssst ::boobies::