Dooods...the Woman has lost her mind. Really. It just went POOF, shot out her ears in this chalky cloud of dust, and was gone. She says it's all the fault of Jeter's Mom and Skeezix's FL, and and Diva Kitty's Mom but really? I think she's just gone a little nuts.

She's gonna try to walk for boobies this year.

Yeah. Her. Walking. For 3 days. If there's not a dozen donuts at the finish line I don't know how she'll make it, but hey, I'm all for the cause. It means that between now and October I get to say BOOBIES! a lot.

She's gonna have to raise some fundage for this, so we're going to sit down and figure out some fun ways--there will probably be PRIZES!--so that we can beg for quarters without being too obnoxious.

But, yeah. On Mother's Day 2010, she went a little nuts, and signed up for something that kinda scares her enough that she mighta peed herself a little. Oh, she wont admit to that, but we all know she did...

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Good for her! We are rooting for her--and all the walkers!

Yea for boobies!

Good for your mum.. Hugs GJ xx

We have all the faith in the world for the woman! We know she can do it!

Hooray for your mom!

Good for the Woman! We'll try to support you any way we can.

Thanks for stopping by and your kind words about Little Stevie.

Go Woman, Go! Do it for the boobies! he he he we said it, too...

We know The Woman can do it, yay for her!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

That is awesome that your mom is going to do that - our mom has thought about it but there is no way she'd even make it a mile. She should try it though - she needs to get in shape! We think it is super exciting for your mom to try it!!

Is she gonna wear her roller skates? Huh? Huh? Cause if she does I can get mom to send some green papers for sure!

Oh, and prolly even if she doesn't but those skates looked like fun!

We have heard that "the longest journey begins with a single step". But we think the longest journey ENDS with a single step.

We bet the Lady can make that last step...

mi mom iz gointa carry yer mom if she haz to.
jus sayin.
harharhar ... i jus gotta mental pikshur uv dat.

We are incredibly proud of your Mom for signing up. We'll be cheering her on, and contributing as soon as we can. She knows she has our support! (And yes, say Boobies a lot, just because you can.)

good for your mom!!!!

Go boobies! Go mom!

But hey, Max, I stopped by to say that did you know you can do something to help out humans who made a big oily mess? Check out this website. They collect furs & hairs to mop up oil spills.

Yay for The Woman for signing up. This is a big goal for her and the boobies.d I will help out if I can.

Thank you so much for your words of comfort in our time of loss. It means a lot to have friends like you! Nan