I gots to ask cause I gots to know...how many of your people out there are walking for boobies in the 60 mile 3 day boobies walk this year? And if you're walking for boobies, what's your blog page or donation page or whatever URL? 'Cause I'll put links in my sidebar and I'm gonna try to figure out a way to raise a little money for it this year again.

So...if you or your person is doing it...please comment.

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DKM is walking. http://dkm3day.wordpress.com/

Mom's a wuss. She is not walking. But we think it's great that you will be promoting the boobies walk on your blog!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Our lady usually walks but she tangled with a tree and she is in a big funny looking boot. She says she can't do anything and the man guy has to bring her stuff. She seems happy about that, too. But she complains about her foot alot. She won't let us sit on it or even on her lap.
Anyway, she can't walk right now.
Putter and Diamond

Our Mommy is considering it. (She needs to...heh heh.) At the very least she wants to donate.

deer max
az u may or mayen't know ... mi mom iz walkin.
but she wantz u to ask yerz if she will join da blogger babes for boobies. she cood join azza walker ... or a crew. mi mom sed sum safety crew ride sumthin called "chopperz."
tell yer mom to think abowt it ... an if she wantz to rejister she shood do it befor 5/10 becuz dere izza discownt. jus sayin.
mi mom'z blog iz www.j2sf.blogspot.com. it wood be nice if u or yerz vizitz. she duzzen't get many vizitorz. jus sayin.

an happy mudder'z day to yer mom.