Because I want it to get stuck in your heads...

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ear worm...thanks.


Yup, it's stuck!

Max, mom says you are just she's gonna have that song in her head all day...maybe all week! Hehehehe!

All I have to say is:

Meeo-, Meeo-, Meow Meow Me-ow!

This will NOT be sticking in our heads, not a catchy tune.

This has the people thinking they might need a kitten at the new house. Thanks for nothing, Max.

Meow yourself, Sophie

crap. it worked.

This will not be stuck in my head. I thought it was a cute video. I'm listening to other music on my stereo.


Aaacckkkk!! Make it stop!

Consider it stuck - what have you done to my mum and me?

Thank you for your visit to my boy's blog It means a lot. Ty's (and Jake's) Mom

Thas a cute video. Wheres Budah these days?

Thas a cute video. Wheres Budah these days?

I'm very afraid to get it stuck in my head. It was bad enough watching the chubby kid sing Lady Gaga on YouTube (if you haven't watched it, it is classic).

That is so freaking funny. I can hardly take it. Looks like a great commercial for SPCA to do to spike awareness. Simply funny!