Dooods! You are not going to believe what just happened! Seriously!

I was sitting by the front door, relaxing in the nice breeze that was coming through the screen, minding my own fricking business thank you very much, thinking about how awesome the air ruffling my fur felt, when the neighbor's giant brown DOG walked up to the door AND BARKED AT ME!

Like, WTF?

Why was he even out? He just waltzed up like he owned the place, looked and me, and BARKED. And he doesn't have a yappy bark, he got this huge, deep BARK.

Not bark but BARK.

I may be scarred for life.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day in my mancat cave. At least the worst thing that can happen there is that Buddah will wander in, but at least he won't bark...

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Dood! Dat's BAD. Are you shure Buddah won't bark? Bonnie did, but it was a little "urf!"

Max, da leash fingy is evil, I's shure. When Mom wented for a leash fingy, I sed NO FANKYOU an runned upstairs. It's Commando or nofing fur me!
Purrs (an bark-free naps)

Man that is so not okay! How dare he? Doesn't he understand trespassing?

THat is one rude dood! BARKING at you in your own home!

What is the world coming to?!

That was even scary to read!! Can we join you in the ManCat cave?

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

We would have peed our pants. If we wore pants, that is.

Whoa. Seriously, do woofies have NO manners at all?

Oh Max, I would have fainted on the spot, right on the spot I tell you! I think you better stay in your mancave until your people go over there and beat up that dog for you.

And since your Woman is all skinny now, you better send your Dad. And maybe the Younger Human, too. Yeah, that's the ticket.

The woofie sure invaded your space!

Did yoor mom go over and tell his mom what he did? Our mom would have! Right after she changed her peepee pants...hahahaha

oh noes! did your the mom shoo the woofie away or did she just LAFF at you like our the mom does when the alien Cujo looks in our window.

Top 5 Response Count Down:

5. Hiss and Claw.

4. Pee high at him.

3. Use the skunk spray.

2. Pepper Spray.



Did you hiss at him?

OMCC! I hopes you gives him a real Max mancat hissie!
Doesn't that doggie know who you are?

How incredibly rude! Woofies just have no manners at all.

a BARK frum da udder side uvva screen iz better dan a stoopid introoder comin rite up to u in yer backyard an eetin yer food.
i'm jus sayin.
maybe a BARK iz pretty horrifyin.

I know how you feel, bro. I was chased by a three-legged dog once. Oh, the felinity!

yeah, that's downright scary! how dare he be so rude to you right on yer own proppity? we hopes you has recofurred sufficiently to run buddah outta the mancat cave if he dast step a pinky-toe innit!!

we's learned to mostly ignore the dbd because she barks alla time, like when a sparrow farts two blocks away, or a butterfly lands on the neighbor's roof.

but if she WOOFs right in our faces, we pays attention in case she's spotted trooder kittehs that we can hiss at!!

Are you still hiding, Max?