Sheesh, I haven't been able to blog for over a week, and what does the Woman want from me?


She wants me to pimp her begging-for-money effort. Like I would beg on her behalf for anything.

But she does have control of the crunchy treats, so...

She has a new prize up for grabs at her Begging Blog (aka "Rockin' the Pink) and it's actually a pretty good one. Something a lot of people will find useful, I think.

It's this thingy people can wear on their arm and it tells them how active they are (or aren't) and how many calories they're burning and how many steps they've taken. It's supposed to be a Really Big Deal, and something people want.

Every $5 you donate towards her walk is a chance at winning it. Visit her Walking Blog or Rockin' the Pink for more details.

Comments (7)

Max, you are so good to help out your hoomin like this.

Max, the things our humans make us do...

Max, when do you get the big hat, platform shoes, and giant Lincoln pimpmobile? Just wondering.
Since you're living the lifestyle anyway.

Its a cool idea. But The Big Thing has low tech way of knowing how active he is. When he is active, he sweats... Dead give-a-way evry time. ;)

That is a neat prize!

Sadly, my Human already knows she'd get a Big Fat ZERO on that thing, so you can take her name right out of the running because she thinks it would be too depressing to win, MOL!

That looks like a really spiffy prize, Max. It's really good of you to help out The Woman like this.