Something to worry about. I looked up "gall" in the dictionary, and it basically is a polite way to say "bitchy." So if the Woman got the thingy inside that stores all that gall up ripped out, does that mean she's just going to cut loose with all her inner bitchiness? Because I didn't sign up for that, you know. Once a month is enough...if it's, like, every freaking day I may have to find me a girlfriend kitty to shack up with. A spayed one. So I don't have to face any more gall...

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You are so funny

Yeah.. that would be bad. I'd hate it if that happened to the Woman, but I am pretty sure that is not how it works.

Maybe they took the bitchy out with the Gall?

I think it means they took all the gall (bitchiness) out of her. Relax and keep purring at her.

MOL! Max, you crack us up!!

We think you're gonna be ok, Max.

Oh dear poor Max! That is weawwy too much! I hope her going to the doctor means she wemoved all the inner bitchiness? I weawwy weawwy do hope so.


n excellent reflection today. We think we need to send our mom in for a tune up, too.

Max, if the "gall" thing has been taken out, doesn't that mean she will have less of it and be nicer to ya?

deer dood,
i'm sorry to heer dat dey took yer mom'z gallbladder owt. i wuz wunderin ... did u havva chance to taste it? i wunder if it tastez like liver or sumthin.
i heer it mite be ok wen saw-tayed in toona juice.
mi flat missed yerz in sf ... an mi mom missed yerz in sf. i hope dey sumday get togedder ...
maybe mi mom will share her gall bladder wid yer mom.

You know Max, if it gets really bad there, you can come over here for a few days. Bring Buddah, too.


I think the gallbladder makes the gall, so you should be OK, Max.

No, Max...we think the bitchy goes with the gall when they take it out...which means the woman should be really nice from now on and give you anything you want...

Yeah, I'm thinking lots of treats and slobbery kisses from now on...

Yeah, we're pretty sure the doctors removed all the bitchiness with the gallbladder. They have hazardous material bags at the hospital to trap the bitchiness in.

Mama hadded that dun too after being on Neutersystem DIE-it. Good to hear you are doing better!

Taz & Angel

oh shnit. that sounds bad.

or maybe they took out all the inner bitchy when they removed the gall bladder and super nice and super spoil you and be a smiling happy ray of sunshine all the time.

that could backfire tho and without the inner bitchy it could be very stepford around your place...or would that be a bad thing? those chicks kept a clean house and food on the table. a kitty could get used to that.

Max, take it from me. I had my gall taken out and it only brings out my inner bitchiness when I try to eat foods high in fat like ice cream or cheesecake. So really, if you see the Woman gunning for those things, help her out and eat them all up before she can. She'll thank you later.

Dude, I think she'll actually be easier to live with, 'cause folks with no gall poot less.

At least, that's what I heard.