Ok, so the Woman won't let me curl up on her stomach and purr to try to make her feel better, so I went with the next best thing...while she was sleeping I curled up next to her pillow and purred. Yeah, I know, not the studliest thing to do but I have a vested interest in her full recovery. The Man is feeding us just fine, but sooner or later he's gonna go pass gas again and it would help if she was fully functional.

Oh and don't tell her, but a few times while she was sleeping, I petted her face with my paw.

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We won't tell her that you love her, either!

Max, you can come visit me for a few days. Until the Woman is better. I need some company since Nebbie crossed the Bridge. I have no one to talkie talk with now. Plus I am up all night and need someone to keep my tootsie's warm. come visit anytime. And I hope the Man isn't as bad gassy as my Man is-holy crap, he could suffocate an elephant.

Max, don't take this wrong, but we think ya are doing the right things. Just ta get yerself fed an all, of course, but thats also good things fer The Woman.

The faster she recovers, the better fer you...

I won't tell anyone how nice you are being Max.

Huffle Mawson

Your secret is safe with us!

Aw, Max...we knew deep down you are an old softy...

Dude, I tried to sleep on MomBean when she got home from her vacation. Even though she has all of this lap space back, it was all "holy hell get off of me!" due to something being sore.

Dear Max, We're so glad you figured out a way to help heal the woman. Please tell her we are purring for her and our mummy sends gentle hugs (((Thumper))) for a speedy recovery. Whisker kisses from the 7 Diffenbaugh cats: Baby Georgy Girl age 17, Luke & Oliver age 9, Aidan age 8, Dylan & Ely age 7, and Jack age 5 ... love and hugs from our mummy, Just Jo aka Archer Jo

Max, it sounds like a plan. You gotta look out for your tummy...

Max, we know you're only doing the purr and pat thing 'cause you want to be fed and all that...it's nothing to do with loving the Woman. Your secret is safe with us. ;)

We're sending purrrrrrrrs to your Woman too that she heals fast and feels better soon.

Purrs and gentle hugs,
The Kitty Krew and The Mommy

We know you're studly, Max, even though your actions might say "creampuff".

hey man, it is important to throw our humans a "bone" sometimes. and, it makes them feel good when a studly kitty like you shows a more appreciative of a studly kitty like you.

we hope she gets better right away. it stinks for a bean to be sicky like that. purrrrrrrrs

Hi Max. Good work! Keep on purring at the woman.

I'm sure your help will make her better very soon. Purrs!

Give your Woman some purrs from me. Sounds like she's had it rough the last few days.

Aw, Max, it's okay that you lubs ur Woman! You are still the King of Studliness to me.

Holy mackerel, I missed all this!! You're awfully nice to be so careful around the Woman, Max. We hope she recuperates fast. And at least you have the Man to feed you and stuff--if our mom explodes or something, we're pretty much on our own!

oh, max--we knew all along that you love . . . er, like . . ., er, tolerate yer Woman. we fink yer a mighty good sport to let her druggishness mess up yer blog. here's hopin' she gets ofur this bout of laziness quickly!!

You did the right thing, Max. Face pats will help her get well faster.

I hope your Mom gets feeling better soon. It's OK to worry about her. Plus, the pillow is a very comfortable place to sleep.

My mommy woodint let me on her tummy for a long long time neether. Even today she won't let me stand on it after she eets. Jes curl up next to her and purr. It will help her git bedder fast. So will patting her face with yur paw, but like yoo sed, that's our sekrit.

You are doing the right thing Max no matter what your motive is. Please give your Woman prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and head bumps from me and tell her my woofies are wagging their tails hard for her to get well soon.

Sounds like you are taking very good care of your owner. She is lucky to have you around. Hopefully she starts feeling better!

We all know how studly you are, Max. A little purring next to the Woman and a few face pats won't change that. I hope that she gets well fast, so she can feed you properly.

That is a wonderful thing you are doing for your Lady person, Max.