Doods.....dooods, you are not going to believe this. Tonight there was a kitty in our back yard that looked just like Victor Tabbycat. Buddah noticed him first and went to the window, and they played chase from the kitchen window to the library windows and back again, and when they ran back to the kitchen window Buddah shouted out, "Hey! Are you Victor? Did you transport over to play?" He scrambled to try to get the window open to let him him, and he yelled out for me to come see, but you know what the Woman did? DO YOU?

She marched up to the window and banged it and scared that kitty away.

How very, very rude of her. I mean, what it if was Victor and she scared him away so bad he never comes back? Buddah was all excited to see a friend kitty instead of a Rude Outside Evil Introoder Kitty, and the Woman just chased him off like it didn't matter.

Victor, dood, if it was you I am very, very sorry that I have such a Rude person. I think we woulda had lots of fun playing in the house, especially since the Woman was busy rubbing yellow stuff all over the walls.

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I say you do a reverse lineup and make the woman pick out a picture of the kitty from outside from a group, which would include a picture of Victor. Then you'll know for sure and can organise the appropriate punishment.

Man, we hope it wasn't Victor...that woulda been really rude chasing him off like that...let's hope it was just a Victor-lookalike...then you won't feel so bad and hafta punish the woman....

Man I bet it wasn't Victor. He'd have identified himself. That was rude. I hate it when the Woman does stuff like that.

The Big Things bangs on windows at strange kitties too. But we dont mind. None of them are ever friendly to us when we are outside...

We hope it wasnt Victor, though!

Our Mom likes to watch the outside kitties and feels sorry for them.

At least she didn't shout at him like my mom does with alien cats in the yard.

That wasn't nice to scare the kittie away. Aren't you supposed to make furiends in your new neighborhood?

I hope it wasn't Victor. That would have been really rude. I don't know why the Woman had to scare a friendly kitty who wanted to play with Buddah away. Maybe she was afraid of cat poop in the yard.

Gosh, I hope it wasn't Victor! You wouldn't want him to think you're inhospitable or anything.

that would haf been cool if it was victor.

um, why is your woman rubbing yellow stuff on the walls?

Ours runs out with a bowl of food.
Our food.

MamaCat would have been out there, talking to it, asking it if it was hungry, and trying to pet it and feed it.
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Hi, Max! Morris here ... Wow! How did you know he wasn't an Evil Introoder Kitty? Aren't all Outside Cats really Evil Introoder Kittys? I know all of them around here are! PS: I've been reading your blog -- you rock! -- for a loooong time, but Mom just now got me online. Took her long enuf! Come visit sometime, man!

dood ...

You sure it wasn't me? Me looks just like Victor. You gots a scary human if she likes to bang on da window to chase us good lookin kitties away. What if it wuz a fugly kittie? You finks she would still chase it away?

Purrty sure Victor was over at Mickey's bachelor party today, but, yoo just never know. If it was him we'z sure dat he'll unnerstand, cuz, yoo know, all da beans is weerd like dat. Now, when yoo say she's rubbing yellow stuff on da walls, do you mean wif her hands? Cuz dat is kinda weerd.