Oh holy...the People moved a bunch of furniture around, and moved boxes--the boxes I liked to jump on--from one room to another, and now the Woman is putting TAPE on the walls. Blue tape, like regular see-through tape isn't good enough. Or maybe because she's so old and nearly blind she can't see the see-through tape on the wall, but whatever.

The point is that my people clearly are insane. They're trying to do m-word stuff without actually implementing the m-word.

Like, why? Things were fine right where they were!

And the tape...WTF?

Seriously, what is wrong with my people?

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Uh-oh Max. This does not sound good at all.

Its PAINT time! Smelly stuff, and ya gonna get locked up inna room away from it...

Just make sure you don't get any of the paint on your furs. It isn't any fun having it washed out - We know.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

Maybe they miss moving so much? So this is like a practice move?

Sounds like another snoopervising job for you.

Force of habit with moving, gotta do boxes and move the furniture. Moving withdrawal?

We know all about blue tape. It goes up just before new paint.

Huh. Hoomins are very, very strange. Who knows what they will do next????

It sounds like this is not an actual m-word. It must be just a drill. That blue tape sounds pretty. Maybe your people are using it to make your walls more colorful. Maybe you should suggest painting the walls instead...

I think it's painting time, Max. Get ready for some really stinky smells.

Thankfully my mom hasn't done this recently, but you know, she's got a week off next month. I'm sure we'll see the same thing going on here. It's almost like it's a biological need of hers or something...