There the Woman goes, rubbing more yellow stuff on the walls. I'm not sure why; the walls were a perfectly acceptable shade of brown before but apparently this is what she does when she gets bored. You know, she could be making a lap for me or baking chicken and real live fresh dead cow, but no...

The only good thing about it is listening to her tell Buddah over and over "no no no no no..." He wants to help, but she's not letting him. He ran through the room and flicked his tail against a wet wall and now it's got white on it (she rubbed the walls with white first. WTH?) This bothers him a lot, so it amuses me.

I was even more amused when she held him down and tried to clean it off, but it's not going anywhere... That's what you get for trying to be helpful.

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Well, at least you get some entertainment value out of it. Thanks for saying that I don't need to worry about amusing the blogosphere. The thing is that, most of the time, posting amuses me, as well. I won't worry about it, but I will try to keep up with it.

Hey! Mebbe if they just keep colorin the walls they will hold Buddah down alla time! Ya shoud tell them ta keep doin the walls...

I hope that Buddah hasn't groomed himself where the white is on him.

Maybe when she is finally done rubbing stuff on the walls, she will get you some Denny's or real live fresh cooked shrimp.

I am not sure if I prefer yellow or brown. I'd need photos to decide.

Ha Ha. When the Bean rubbed the blue stuff on the walls at our house Autumn Savannah ran through the pan of blue. The Bean had to stop and grab Autumn and wash her feets. By the time she was done there were dried blue paw prints all over the wood floor!

It is fun when the beans rub color on the walls, especially if you try to get into it to track over the carpets and tile!

Georgia got herself all red once when they painted... sigh.

Doesn't he understand that snoopervising and helping are two different activities?

We always like to help when our mom rubs color on the walls. She doesn't like us to help for some reason, though.

Mum hasn't rubbed any color stuff on the inside wall, just outside. Maybe that is a good thing for me.

I had a Pepi Le Peu flash when you said that about Buddah. ha ha ha I am glad I never feel the urge to help. That is to much like work.

Hopefully this means your Woman is feeling all better and can serve you more efficiently. I can't believe she ran Victor off tho. Totally uncool.

chase him and try and get him to run face ferst into the wall.

Ha ha ha ... Pepi Le Peu!! That was great, Hendrix! Seriously, is it still in his fur?

Before Mom and Dad moved in to their house, they changed the wall colors and ripped stuff off the walls. Without Clyde the swishy-tailed kitty around to help.

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