Ok. So last night the Woman was sitting on the bed, using the giant TV there as a monitor, while she sort of kinda worked for a while. I sat on the bed and watched a little bit, and let me tell you what she was writing was kind of embarrassing because truly, I had no idea she knew some of those words.

Then she realized it was midnight and she better go to bed, so she turned the monitor part off and left the TV part on, and went to brush her teeth and shoot up take her meds, leaving me with the TV.

It was on that weird Look In My House channel, HGTV, and I didn't want to watch that, so I sat on the remote until something interesting came on. I mean, I had no idea what I was looking at, but it was certainly different. And then the Woman came back in and saw me sitting on the bed, staring at the TV with my head cocked off to one side, and she asked, "what is so freaking interesting, Max?" And I answered her, I said "These Woman are playing with this THING and I'm pretty sure I've seen one before but it wasn't THAT color and it sure as heck didn't buzz like that."

But she was so busy getting ready for bed that she couldn't bother to look. So I kept watching, because really, it was interesting in a disturbing kind of way, what wit these two very serious women holding it and talking about it like it was a Very Necessary Thing to Have. She finally turned the light off and crawled into bed, and then she looked at the TV an said, "Oh my god WHAT are you watching!?" and I still didn't know so I uncocked my head and read the little icon at the bottom of the screen and it said Shop Erotic so I guess that's what I was watching. But it was on the Oxygen network so it's classy, right?

Evidently not, because she grabbed the remote and changed the channel, but not before cocking HER head to one side and taking another look and then saying "That would give me nightmares..."

Apparently the color was frightening? I dunno, but she still won't tell me what it was. Maybe she doesn't know...?

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