Ya know, the oddest things get the Woman all excited. A few days ago I was checking out my buds' blogs and she looked over my shoulder in time to see me scoping out what was up with The Creek Cats. Now, they got to test out The World's Greatest Cat Litter and liked it, and because it's flushable the Woman was all Ooohhh we have to try that, I'm tired of litter-stink!

So she and the Man went out and bought a bag, and she was all oooh it has the same texture as the old litter and oooh it's made out of corn, and then she dumped out the old litter and cleaned the box out, and then presented this new litter to us as if Santa had shot it out his...well, his whatever. Use your imagination.

Buddah jumped right in and peed his little brains out. I sniffed it and walked away.

She was all Ohhhh he doesn't have to go now, he'll use it later and I was thinking, "Holy crap, Woman, do you not remember the Great Breeze Box War of 2008?"

Apparently she didn't.

So today it's two days after she changed the litter, and she realizes I stink. Not just weird, I need to bathe stink. More like, "Max, are you dribbling pee?" stink.

"Why yes," I replied as she ate some chicken for dinner, "yes I am. Please give me some chicken."

As soon as she was done she gave me some chicken--because I was POLITE when I asked, dammit--and then she picked me up, and holy cow she groped me!

"Is his bladder full?" asked the Man.

She put me down and started to wash her arm off. "It's full, and he peed on me."

Well, yes, when one has an overly full bladder, one tends to pee on the person who's pushing on it. It was nothing personal, but really now. It was not my fault.

So she dumped the new litter out, proclaiming "I don't really like the smell anyway," (yeah, roll your eyes) and then filled it with my beloved Tidy Cat.

Oh yeah, I jumped in there and peed for about five minutes.

So. I think her lesson has been learned. Don't change Max's litter! But she a little disappointed because the stuff worked really well. It clumped nicely when Buddah peed in it and it flushed just fine. But I refused to even try it, so she wasted $20 on a 17 pound bag of litter.

Having this much power is just awesome.

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Sadly flushing cat feces is not good for sea life. Otters get Toxoplasma and die. I wish there was a easy way to keep our dry fur friends healthy and clean while keeping our wet fur friends healthy too.
Max I'm sorry for your discomfort but you might have saved a life! You can read about it here- http://cats.about.com/cs/parasiticdisease/a/seaotters.htm

Max! How do you do it man?! I wouldn't have been able to hold, well that is what I tell my momma!
We will have to do a post of my kitty litter tray to show all the kitties :)
I really came here to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY birfday!! we was a gonna wait till tomorrow, but momma is so slack helping me nowdays that she might forget and we don't want that.
So I hope that you has the bestest day!!! And get in lots of kitty dances! ;)

ps: thank you for fixing your feed settings, now e can subscribe and not miss out on stuff!! :)

Max, your woman should know better than to change things on you, after all, if you can poop at will what's not to say the same holds true for peeing?

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

You held it for days! Wow

We think flushing cat litter is not a real good idea. Fer one thing, it lets our Bein off too easy. Second, if it goes down the water, it comes back up the water an we gotta drink that. And, whoa, $20 is a lot. We could be in new toys and treats fer a YEAR. Last, we like our Tidy Cats stuff too!

Hey, we heard its yer birfday! Happy one, Max...

You can really hold it, Max. I hope the Woman has learned her lesson now.

I don't think I could hold anything for that long. The woman should know better than to mess with you.

Huffle Mawson

You held on to it for two days??? Wow! We would have exploded.We hardly ever use our litterbox now because we are allowed out in the garden 24/7 now it is escape proof. Anyway,who wants to use the litterbox when you can use the greenhouse?
We heard it's your birthday so...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Have a great day.

Don't they know we cats don't like change??? If we already like something...food, litter, toys...DON"T CHANGE IT!!

Okay, we're done ranting now....

(pee ess...we hear it's your Birthday today, Max! Have a good one! If the woman forgot...then you got something else to complain about!)

wow max, you are teh awesome!!


Happy Birthday, Max!!! You are my hero! My mom just replaced my old litter box with an automated self cleaning litter monster. I refused to use it and held it in as long as I could, but finally I gave in...and used the bath tub instead. My mom should have known better than to try to mess with my litter box.

That was a masterclass in power over the beans !

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Happy Purrthday Dood!

Max! I can't believe you waited that long. We'd have peed on the floor NEXT to the litter box to show her what we thought...

Max, you have a strong will and an even stronger bladder! It's awesome!

ps: Is today your birthday? Happy birthday!

Max you are our Hero! Holding it for days! What a way to get your point across!

Um, yeah, we won't discuss how I peed a little bit on the bathroom floor because you really can only hold it for so long...

Max I must admitt I am a world best fan!! I will only peee on it and nothing else. I just rather do my stuff right out side the box or on the rug rather than any thing other than worlds best Happy brithday your a year younger then me

Lilly Lu

When will people learn?? We finally went back to our normal litter after the girls refused to use it, so my mom wasted a bunch of cat toy money on I don't know how many pounds of Feline Pine. It makes the pantry smell nice, though.

You rule Max! Except for the groping, well, things went well. She caught on faster than normal!
Buddah could have his own litter box with that new stuff in it. We have 3 boxes at our house. All filled with Tidy Cat, we might add.

Max--you are some kind of cat!! Oh MY!! You DO have such power!!


Wow, that is one strong mancat bladder you have, Max! Sorry the litter didn't work out for you. Our Maggie May wasn't digging it at first so we added in a little of the old litter to get her used to it. She uses it just fine now, but every cat is different. Glad you are back to peeing again, dude!

Our Mom has switched us to the WGCLitter too-something about it being better for the environment. What she doesn't realize is that we don't like it and have started using the Breeze box instead! She thinks it's the new litter that smells, but it's really that she needs to clean the Breeze. (She's not terribly bright.)