You know, I thought it was a little risky, considering there are birds outside that poop on everything, but the Woman cooked dinner out there tonight, and it was actually very tasty. The worst part was the waiting; she kept opening the door and these chicken smells kept coming in, and I didn't think it was ever going to be ready.

And then, witch-widda-b that she is, she made me wait even longer. She ate, and the Man ate, and I had to sit there on the floor, issuing gentle reminders every so often that I was there and being good, and that I was very very hungry.

Really. My blood sugar dropped so hard and fast that I almost had to lie down on the floor for a bit.

It was totally worth the wait. She gave Buddah and me each a little bite, and Buddah walked away from his so she gave it to me. Normally when stuff gets cooked outside we get told "No, no, it's not for kitties, it will make flames shoot out your ass" but not tonight! So maybe tonight I'll let the Woman have the middle of the bed when she goes back there to "work."


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