Hmmm...I keep meaning to mention this but I usually think about it when the Woman is hogging the comoputer.

Some of you with blogs hosted on Blogger have this sign in thingy:

You know, the one where you pick what you're signing in with from a drop down menu.

It doesn't work very well. In fact, it so not works that some of us can't comment on your blogs because it just doesn't keep us signed in or remember what we commented. It's frustrating because some of my best comments just vanish.

Anyway, if that's your comment setup and you haven't seen me comment in a long time, that's why. It's not for lack of trying.

And don't forget we're writing a book! The deadline is rapidly approaching but there are only a couple of submissions, so we might wind up pushing it back a little bit.

Oh, and my mailing address has changed, so when you send your publishing agreements, please send them to:
PO BOX 1316
DIXON CA 95620

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OMC! was one of 'em a little cherman vooman?