Yesterday, my water fountain stopped working. It was working, but then the Man picked it up to clean it, and when he as done and had it filled and plugged back in, it just didn't work anymore. So he said a whole bunch of fun words and picked it back up so he could take it apart and fix it.

But it wouldn't fix.

Now, the people were tired. They had already been outside where it was hot because they had things to do that required driving back to near where we used to live, and they really didn't want to have to go back out, especially since the only place to get me a new fountain was back near where we used to live.

But the Man said, "Max won't drink unless the water is running, will he?"

And the Woman said, "He has to drink."

Buddah said, "Hey, no one ever asks me what *I* want to drink out of and I don't like the fountain and I don't think you've ever seen me drink out of it AT ALL but is there a bowl on the floor for me instead of the fountain? I don't think so!"

No one listened to Buddah, though, because he doesn't take breaths and it's like one long word coming out of him anyway. Sometimes, the People think he's speaking Spanish. Or maybe Spanglish. Either way they can't understand him.

So even though the people were really tired and it was really hot outside they got in the car and went back to where we used to live and bought me a new fountain.

Do I own them or what?

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They owes u. The man broke it and they didn't give u any shrimp for your birfday. They owes u.

Wow, Max! You really do rule your roost!

wow. you does own them. but what does buddah drink?

Nobody really knows what Buddah drinks. No one ever sees him at the fountain but he's not dehydrated or anything. His skin turgor is good. It's a mystery, it really is.

Wow Max! You've really got them well trained.

As it should be, Max, as it should be!

ps: The line "'s like one long word coming out of him anyway" cracked me up!

Isn't this the second time it broke. You deserved a new one after it broke the first time - the people had to know that it was going to break down again. They should have just bought you a new one then and kept it in reserve.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

You da cat, Max. You da cat. A fountain sounds like fun. Our Mommy just leaves the kitchen sink running a little bit for Roxy and Pixie (and sometimes Bugsy). We all also drink out of a bowl, though. Sassy and Callie are just too lazy to jump up on the kitchen counter...

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

WOW, Max! I'm impressed! You REALLY have them trained right.

::Pats head with paw:: Good Kitty!

Well, OF COURSE you own them! Was there ever even the smallest doubt about that?

I'm not sure you owe them, but well you might not want to be quite so mean to them...

You got a belated purrthday prezzie. Ya gotta drink, otherwise bad things happen to your insides.

You totally own them, Max. You just got another late birthday present, that's all. Now you have me really wondering what and where Buddah drinks. Maybe he hits the fountain in the middle of the night or when everyone is napping.

Yes you do! Another birthday present! a new fountain.

Dood. You rule.

Huffle Mawson

Got 'em in the palm of your paw!
pee ess: They love you Max.

I think you have proven once again, Max, that feline superiority is not a myth but eternal truth. I only wish such truth worked on my human pet who, undoubtedly, would have told me to "Suck it up," and "You'll drink tap water and like it."


It is so cute how you make the posts in the voice of your cat! It's amazing how cats seem to get under our skin and run our days. I love the expression on Max's face in your main photo!

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You da cat! You da cat! You have your staff trained. Now, if only you could get them to open your cans of stinky goodness on demand. :-)

Just because you don't see Buddah drink doesn't mean he doesn't drink. Max, you could always ask him where he drinks at.


Aww, Max, your people really love you.

If your Dad is handy, MomBean has this link that looks kinda cool. Not that she's made it for me yet...

You owns them, yup. It's paybacks for furgetting the real live dead shrimps. *nods*

Wuz dare ever any question dat yoo owns dem? Dey are at yur beck an call! Hmmmmm, what ofur place can yoo send dem to get fings for yoo?

Did they offer some chilled Temptations to you too? Now THAT would be luxury!

You are SO lucky Max. If our Drinkwell fountain died, we would have to use the old bubbler thing (that LC likes so much) fer a week afore The Big Thing went out ta hunt a new one!

Ayla and Iza

Max, Wendell just looked at me and said, "Why does MAX get a new fountain?" Ours broke a few years ago and it was such a pain to clean, I never replaced it. Of course, now I can't brush my teeth when I want to because there's a cat butt sticking out of the sink and a cat tongue slurping up water. da cat! We are so impressed that you have them so well trained that they will do things that they don't want to do...we're taking lessons from you....