It just keeps getting better...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/02/2014 07:34:00 PM

The noisy people were done a little early today, so the People left the house about half an hour later, and when they came back...


It was a little more equal that it looks because the Woman shuffled some steak off one plate onto the other, but it was still enough that I couldn't quite finish. I know, imagine that. Buddah's like a vacuum cleaner, so he ate the last little bit.

If I understand right, there won't be any noisy people here again until Monday, so we have 4 days of not being locked up, though I'll probably hang in the closet some anyway, since that's what I like to do. And the Woman says the kitchen is close to being done, so there won't be too many more noisy days even after this weekend.

I'm looking forward to the quiet, though I am going to miss the extra treats. The treats have been really nice. Plus, Buddah has really been clinging to the Woman, like he finally understands she's one of his safe places to go. I think that made them both happy...maybe it means he'll leave me alone more now.

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Oh man! That's like the best day ever!

Yum, treats! And a vacation from those invasive workers too!

Looks tasty!

Now we know we REALLY want some remodeling done in our house.

EVERYTHING so far this summer is so cool for you. Getting new nip,lots of treats and different food, Buddah growing up finally, a long weekend without noisy people indoors so you can hang around the whole house and after awhile a new kitchen to eat in. Now it looks like you and Buddah will need placemats and new dishes to make things complete. Oh wait, maybe boy cats don't want fancy placemats and new dishes the way girl cats do.

YAY for Steak and Shrimps!!

wait.. did you say something else?

Yum!!! That was great of them to bring that home for you guys!
Some peace & quiet will be great but a return to normalcy will be the best!!

Wow. Your humans are so good to you. Maybe we need to do a swap.

(P.S. I just got the redirect again...)

Wow steak and shrimp! I want noisy people here if it means treats like that.

This was your best day yet! Mr. Awesome, I think when the kitchen is done, your foods will be really tasty and the treats will become like dessert for ya! Btw, that is a dinner treat worty of a royal feline!

Furtastic! Shrimps and steak, treats, toys and trees. You is on a hot streak Max. (as a kitty should)

Sasha, Sami, & Saku