Oh Man...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/29/2014 08:03:00 PM

She's talking about boobie walking again.

Or maybe more like boobie waddling.

But my life is going to be pink again. And I'll have an excuse to say BOOBIES a lot.


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Yay! Good for your human!

Rah-Rah for the ta-tas!

Hurray fer bobbies!


MEWHAHAHA! Boobs rock!

Ooh yeah it's time to change the swear word again. Instead of saying "grown-up" the word of the season is "boobies". Well, at least for awhile.

It's for a good cause, Max...so boobie-away!

Your human is pawsome, you know that right? Tell her good luck from us!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

As a survivor who lost both boobies your human is awesome!! Way to raise awareness and help find a cure. Currently 4 months remission for me. Give your human extra nip and stinky goodness at the finish line in the form of Moscato and chocolate =^.^=

boobies walk?

They do it you put little shoes on 'em...