Almost done...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/10/2014 10:14:00 PM

That's what the People say. The kitchen is almost done. The noise today was pretty bad--Buddah even hid under the bed--but when it was over we had counters.

Someone on Facebook wanted to see pictures, but the Woman said they weren't posting any until it's done so they can have it all WOW as if people really care, so then I was asked to post a picture.

Well, they won't give me the camera, so I drew one.

Click to biggify
This is pretty much like the one side of it looks right now. The yellow part gets covered up either tomorrow or Saturday, and there's some plumbing stuff and electrical stuff still to be done. But overall, it's pretty spiffy.

We're all tired and ready for it to be done.

Almost there.


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I think that's probably exactly what it looks like! But why aren't you in the picture?

The way things are going with all the waiting and the clutter and the nose and the stink and inconvenience and living at the back of the house means everyone at your house NEEDS treats in the worst way. Constantly and it's at a time. This seems a lot worse than the M word because the M word is coming to you instead of you going to it. Almost really better come soon!

I had a hard time orienting myself because you weren't in the picture you drew...

LOL Max was probably drawing from the other side of a screen door! How can a kitty find his spot in an unfinished room? LOL. Anyway drawing yourself in a pile of dust from the work is not real appetizing! Knowing Max, he will be where the nip, treats, and food is! Hahahahaha

Bet ya are ready for it to be done!

You is an artist Max! We can tell exactly how the kitchen will look. Hope it is done soon so you don't have to spend any time UTB

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Best to show inside change pictures when it is all done.

We bet it will be great though.

Looks like a bit of counter space to jump up on when no ones looking. Thanks for the sneak preview!