Unacceptable. Simply unacceptable.

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/05/2014 02:39:00 PM

All right, so a lot of you guys know how Facebook has been deleting profiles that they realize are cats, right? Because apparently Facebook is for people and not pets...but pets can have a non-personal type page where they get "likes" instead of "friends."

Okay, fine, I don't agree with it but whatever. I still have my personal page, but a while back I created an Author page so I would still have a presence on FB, and it seemed like a good idea (since FB has ramped up the deletions) to start using the Author page.

Now, Buddah converted his personal page to a Community page a few months ago, and he posts to that a lot. Which is fine...except he has more Likes on his page than I do. I'm trying to get all the people and kitties who are my friends on my personal page to click Like on my author page, but a lot of them haven't...but still, how the heck does Buddah have more Likes than I do???

If you're on FB, even if you're my friend on my personal page, PLEASE go like my Author page. I'll be using it more than the personal page, and I need the Likes, dangit! I can't let Buddah win!

Please and thank you.

In other news, we didn't have any noisy people here Thursday or yesterday, so other than all the noise from people exploding their hard earned cash outside last night, it's been nicely quiet. I'm enjoying the break from being locked up in the back of the house. It all starts again on Monday, but the People think that it will only be a few more days. There's not much left to do to the kitchen, just some trim work, installing some lights, the counters, and the backsplash tile.

No, don't ask me what any of that means. All I care about is that it means more people in the house, and I am opposed to more people being in my house.

I don't mind all the extra treats we've been getting, but yeah, I'm tired of the noise, the people, and the whole house not being clean enough because of it all.

Really...this place is gross right now. And seeing as how the Woman is a horrible housekeeper, that's saying a lot.

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We like you! But alas we only count as one. And Chey likes you as her page, which doesn't count at all...

We made mom like you!!

We like you, Max!

We had our mom go click the like button for us Max. We hopes that helps!

Good luck with the noisy people!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Oh, you cannot have Buddah beating you out, Max - I not only liked your page from my page, I had my human like your page too, so that it counts!

The only kitchen item out of the four you mentioned that you can relate to are the counters. You'll be able to tell us what they feel like when you jump on them. From what the plans looked like on the woman's blog page a few weeks ago there will be los of jumping to do. Especially when you start showing the humans what cabinets you want stuff in.

Since I am not on FB, I will ask my friends who are on FB to click the likes up in droves on your author page! Since I can't here are some for you.....like like like like like like like like like like!

We like you, we had already liked you. They won't let us do it twice for both of us.

We liked you, too, Max. Well really we still like you!

I went and "liked" you. I have my own FB page, too. Except, the lady is in charge of it and all she does is post pictures of other kitties. Not me. Grrrr.

We're not on FB, but couldnt the page just be called "MOM" and "she" talks about cats a lot?

I will have to invisibly like you on FB, since we don't use it. :-(
But, I will invisibly like you a bunch of times, since we got a lot of cat toy orders after you posted about yours! Thanks, pal!