Those evil popup ads...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/09/2014 10:07:00 AM

Thanks to Jennette Fulda, we now know what's been causing those giant popup, takeover's Sitemeter.

I've used Sitemeter for a bazillion years, but they've apparently gone to the dark side and are sending out these random, full window sized, annoying and unwelcome ads. So I'm going to remove the code for Sitemeter, because no one needs that chit.

This means my visitor counter will no longer be visible, but I'm not sure anyone ever looked at that anyway, so it won't be a huge loss. And I can see via the Blogger dashboard how many kitties are visiting every day.

Those of you who have gotten caught up in the popup ad loop, I'm sorry...but at least we seem to have an answer now.

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YEAAY!!! No more evil pop-up ads over your way. Good job finding out whodunit. I never even KNEW that was a visitor counter on your site. Bet you get lots of visits. Whoever doesn't look forward to anything you post anywhere is missing out since the day doesn't really exist until you give us your daily wisdom.

I've had an annoying pop up ad on my blog and it took me the longest time to figure out the offending code - but with the help of a blog visitor, I did!

I am glad you have found the source of that annoying pop up. CK said she saw it on my blog a couple of weeks ago. No-one else has said anything so it might have bee a one off but I am going to remove sitemeter anyway.

Glad you figured that out, Max. Pop-ups really suck.

Hmmm, mum better check what she uses to count visitors. We don't amember if it is Sitemeter or not. Thanks for the head's up Max.

Good for you, Max! It was mean of them just to do that. Oh well. They're not cats, after all.

Max, William helped me out. He got it and becuz of you, I could get it removed ASAP.