Well, this is just mean...

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/10/2014 05:12:00 PM

...and I'm surprised my people haven't tried it.

Don't let them see this, or they might.

And I don't know about you guys but so far I'm really digging the time change. I haven't even had to remind the people that dinnertime is in an hour; by the time my tummy tells me to start giving them a reminder every 2 minutes, it's time and they're opening a can. And this morning, when I thought it was time to wake the Woman up and let her know that I expected her to get up in an hour to feed me, the Man came home from passing gas and fed me.

I know they're both hoping it stays like this, but really? We all know in a week I'll adjust and will go back to my gentle reminders. But for now, everyone is happy.

Well, except that cat on the treadmill. He's *really* hungry by now...

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The woman was so dumb she mis-typed and now she has to do it again! We can totally get between the wall and the treadmill so I could come at that food from the front. I bet this guy is starving so he's not thinking clearly...

We bet that treadmill cat figured it out really quickly and hopped on to three side to do his eatings.

Binga would ditch that treadmill and go from the other side.

Either the cat found out about getting off the treadmill or else figured that maybe he would have to eat and walk at the same time to stay in the same spot.

::our worst Nightmare::

WEll if he ever gets to eat, he will gobble it up so fast ht will hurl!

That kitty should just jump off the treadmill and go for the food from the other side!

Oh that made me laugh out loud..

THAT is cat-cruelty! Dinner should NOT keep moving away...

Have to say we haven't noticed the time change. We "sorta" unnerstand about it (TBT changes the clocks fer some reason), but it doesnt make anny change fer us. We arent on a schedule, ya know?

We get fed breakfast "whenever" TBT gets up (which can be annywhere from 8 AM ta Noon), an every 4 hours after that til he goes ta bed.

It not a highly scheduled life here...